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hi. could you tell me what gaming system is better between a 360 and a PS3?  
What are the good and bad differences between the two systems?  Which system
would have better quality, features, and which system would have fewer
problems in the long run?


I am an avid xbox 360 fan. People would expect me to be 100% biased towards xbox 360, however thats not the case. I am for both consoles and I will give you the pros and cons of each system, give you some facts, and then give you my final conclusion.

The Xbox 360

The xbox 360 is very much the community based, getting the games to the customers and letting them enjoy the online privileges it provides. Its main features are:

1. The choice to buy a different cheaper version of the system. Microsoft have give customers the choice to buy an arcade system, a premium sytem or an elite system all with their own differences and price tags.

2. Xbox Live. It is rated the best online gaming service in the world. With millions of members, and lots of opportunities for the community to get involved with xbox and microsoft.

3. The Widest Range of games ever to be released for a console. Since xbox is all about the customer, it is the console that provides the most games than any other console.

4. The choice to add a HD-DVD player. Rather than having to spend shed loads of money on the console with a built in player, microsoft gave the customer the choice to buy the HD-DVD player seperately. This let the customer get straight down to the gaming.

The Cons of the Xbox 360:

1. Paying for the online service. It costs $ a year to play games on xbox live.

2. No full HD. While the Xbox gives a damn good picture, it is not full 1080p high definition.

3. Possibility of failure. As we all know, xbox 360 isn't the best console for staying alive. However, its new versions are much more reliable, but still there is that chance of a hardware failure.

4. Its not the fastest machine on the market. Its a great machine, but there is one that is faster and overall a more powerful system than the Xbox 360...

The Playstation 3 is more the hardware, speed, processors kinda side of things. Its more about the performance rather than anything else. These are the main features:

1. Built in Blu Ray Player. It is one of the cheapest Blu-Ray players on the market. And if you're after High Definition, this is the way to go.

2. Free Online. Unlike Microsoft, Sony provide a free online gaming service.

3. Awesome add-ons, in the long run. If you're prepared to wait for awesome things, such as PS Home etc. than the PS3 is a great console for you.

4. 99.7% of PS3's do not fail at all during their lifetime. Its a very reliable console.

5. Loads of extra cool stuff it can do. There are a lot of things that a PS3 can do, that makes it more than just a Games Console.

6. Full HD Gaming. The PS3 supports 1080p.

These are the Cons:

1. Not the biggest selection of games. If its games you're after, you aren't gonna find the biggest amount here. However the games that have been released, are of a high standard.

2. Backwards compatibility is not available on all versions of the PS3. The 40GB and the 20GB models, do not include full backwards compatibility. This means that most of you're PS2 games won't work if you buy either of these versions of the console.

3. Its a big machine. Although it looks nice, the PS3 is a very big console and you may have trouble fitting it into your TV setup.

4. Price. When the PS3 first came out, it was retailed at about £450. That is considerably higher than any other console on the market back then. However the price has now come down, but people are still struggling to get one, especially if they're on a budget.

Thats my short comparison of the 2 consoles.

As I said above, the xbox 360 is very much a community based gaming system. You can see just from their website how interested in their customers they really are. Its a very good console, including loads of games and media, which, if you're not prepared to wait, then this is a great console for you. However, the Red Rings of Death, or a Hardware failure, isn't too good. There is always that possibility when you're buying this console.

The PS3 has better quality and features in the long run. A lot of it is very good, but for the amazing stuff, you'll have to wait a little while. But, the failure rate is very low, hardly anyone has had problems with their PS3. The PS3 is a very much big time next generation HD console. But bear in mind, it was made 2 years after the xbox 360, and if you're on a budget, its hard to get your hands on one.

In conclusion, the better system is the PS3. It basically ticks all the things you asked in your question, better quality, better features and will have less problems in the long run. From your question, it sounds like the PS3 is a better console for you. However do some more research into them both, and choose what you think would be a better console.
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