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Details about  Consolidate Debt Loan Credit Card NLP CD Course + Bonus

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Consolidate Debt Loan Credit Card NLP CD Course + Bonus
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If You Almost Tremble With Fear
At The Size Of Your Credit Card Debt...
Overdraft... Or Mortgage...

And You Can't Sleep At Night
For The Worry Of PAYING Them... 

Here Are 3 Ways To Take
Virtually 'Instant' Control
And Reduce Your Debts
In Just 30 Days Or Less:

Dear Financial Freedom Seeker,

If your level of debt and monthly repayments are spiralling out of control - even to the point of leaving you feeling physically sick, hopeless and in despair - then drop everything you're doing and read this critically important message, this very instant.

Why? If you have credit card debt that's gone wild, a mortgage that's hovering above your neck, or payments on a personal loan that knocks you overboard each and every month...

Here's Your Immediate Financial Life Jacket…

Debt-reduction maestro and author, Jonathan Clark, has given me permission to reveal simple tactics you can use - TODAY - to take immediate control of even the most frightening debt situation, without increasing your monthly income by one penny, and without having to borrow more money.

There's an absolute plethora of little-known debt-busting strategies and wealth-generation tactics, and Jonathan reveals them all in his breakthrough new programme, “YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE”.

Let me strip my intentions bare: I'm going to do everything I possibly can to get Jonathan’s extraordinary home study programme, YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE, into your hands... within the next few hours.

The reason is that - quite simply - if you are not privy to the hundreds of simple but powerful debt-reduction and wealth-building strategies Jonathan reveals, you're extremely likely to continue suffering from financial difficulties... possibly for the rest of your life.

DON'T let that happen. Don't become another statistic. You don't need to anymore. Start applying, and profiting from, these extraordinary debt-reduction and wealth-building strategies today.

Here Are The Details About Jonathan Clark's
Breakthrough Audio Programme. And Why I
Virtually Insist You Get Your Hands On It Today.

(Don't Worry - I'm Going To
Make It Super-Easy For You To Get)

In 16 years, I have never before come across a publication, course or seminar that has - this powerfully, succinctly, and realistically - shown the average person how to take control of debt, master it, and actually gain financial freedom.

Nowhere in the publishing world, nor anywhere else I can find (and I'm aware of just about every author, speaker, and advisor in the western world), is there this sort of gritty, down-to-earth advice that comes from one ordinary person to another – Jonathan Clark to you.

These CD’s really do make it realistic (without having to earn a penny more than you're earning today) to take control of, then completely clear, all your money-related handcuffs.

All of them: your credit card, mortgage, overdraft, hire-purchase agreements and bank loans - plus any other loans... years and years AND YEARS ahead of time. After all, you deserve to live a life of worry-free finances and 100% control of the money you earn.

You'll start to see why, for the first time, it truly is realistic for you - without any special financial abilities - to live a stress-free, guilt-free, shame-free, and less restrictive life:

But There Are Well Over A Hundred Additional Secrets,
Tactics, Tricks, And Wealth-Accumulating Methods.
Packed Into This Extraordinary, Life-Changing CD set

You Can Get - And Instantly Benefit From - The Hundreds
Of Secrets Jonathan Has Packed Into YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE... Today 

If you agree that investing £37 is WORTH IT in order to get your hands on this EXCLUSIVE PROGRAMME as quick as you can, do it now...

...And if you DON'T... you probably should be
banned from buying the set in the first place!

Now you can begin to see why I'm so excited about how YOU can turn your financial situation right around. Whether you want to gain true financial freedom (and even wealth), or whether you need urgent debt-control in the next few DAYS or weeks... it doesn't matter.

There's not a person who listens to these CDs who will not find a 100% personally effective and rapid way to dissolve debt and build wealth.

At last... YOU will control debt, not have debt controlling you. Money will no longer be an enigma to you. You'll understand dozens of the most powerful 'wealth tactics' the world has ever known - but that the vast majority are never shown how to apply.

Jonathan Discovered The Greatest Secrets Of Money,
Controlling Money, And Building Wealth
The Hard (Very Hard) Way, And Over Many Years...

You Discover Them The Quick And Easy Way!

As you can imagine, Jonathan explains precisely how to gain 100% control over money, how to have money work tirelessly for you, and how to build a financial fortress - and freedom - that liberates your personal life, your family life, and your working life... providing you with the security and sense of freedom that millions in the country are now experiencing.

In YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE, he shows you - and by 'you' I mean the average person - how to completely gain control of whatever situation you might be struggling with: school fees, university fees, or unforeseen medical costs for you or your children will cease to concern you. Those worries will vanish, once you understand how easy it is - realistically and virtually instantly - to set your sights on true financial freedom, and even wealth.

Best Of All, This Is Achieved
Without Increasing Your Monthly Income
By One Penny, And Without Having To
Borrow Even One Penny More

But first, I quickly want you to understand why Jonathan is able to help YOU smash the whole of your debt burden, once and for all. Let me give you a flash introduction to him, who has become what I consider to be the world's most effective debt-busting wizard.

From start to finish, he reveals exactly how he got control of a five-figure personal debt. You'll learn how he paid it all off, and quickly got on the road to financial freedom... and how YOU can too.

This Story Is Embarrassing...
And Might Ring Some Familiar Bells

In the late 1980s, after five years of study and exams, Jonathan embarked on a career in the civil service, ironically working in the then Department of Health and Social Security... the sort of job his parents had dreamt of him doing since childhood. After all, his father had been a bank clerk, then a Bank Manager, for decades. The pay cheques weren't insubstantial. In fact, Jonathan started to believe that he had finally arrived. He quickly started spending, and living the life of Riley.  He was young, he was single, he had a sports scar, his own flat, a great social life…

And quite a full life it was!

However, he soon discovered that qualifications galore and a well-respected profession counted for virtually NOTHING when it comes to managing money, keeping debts reasonably low, and maintaining control of runaway spending.  And he helped other people with THEIR MONEY!  The irony!

Within just a couple of years, Jonathan was up to his neck in debt, with out-of-control interest rates, and owing well in excess of what he actually earned in a whole year!

That’s when his so called best friend and flatmate did a runner, owing hundreds in unpaid rent and accumulated utility bills.  Jonathan had to square things away with his landlord, or face being kicked out.  More debt.

Not a nice position to be in, that's for sure, but one you may partly - or for that matter, completely - identify with.

Then... Things Got Even Worse

Jonathan's debt spiralled out of control to the point where he was forced to make a serious decision: somehow taking control of the debt... but he had no idea how this could be done.

So he laughed out loud when one day, through his letterbox, appeared a photocopied leaflet advertising a part time business opportunity.  Within a few days, desperate for cash and hungry for a solution, Jonathan started selling designer perfume products via party plans in a network marketing scheme.

Now the sad truth is that most of the folks who go down that route never really make any money.  Instead, they end up with a garage full of perfume!  Or cleaning fluids, or whatever the apparently high demand product is that you’re expected to “punt”.

The good news came from a totally unexpected direction.  His sponsor, an inspiring mentor and friend to Jonathan, lived on motivational tapes and CD programmes by all the big name [and usually American] self-help gurus.  Jonathan quickly became addicted to these role models and fast talking speakers.

After months of sleepless nights and worry-filled days, it suddenly dawned on him how just a few of those motivational strategies would enable him to take his debt by the scruff of the neck, and solve it. He tried these few simple methods... and they succeeded (listen to the first CD to find out how... and, more importantly, why).

For the next five years or so, these few simple methods kept control of Jonathan's debt. Much to his delight, he even managed to start saving money. Finally he had money, and everything to do with money, under control.

But He Was Just About To Find Himself In A Financial Pit
That Was Even Deeper, Darker, And More Frightening
Than Anything He'd Experienced Before

Fulfilling a longstanding dream, Jonathan helped launch a magazine business.  “Fantazia” was available on newsagents’ shelves and he got to fly to Las Vegas to do the American distribution deal.  He was all set to resign and go self-employed running his dream business with a group of enthusiastic friends. But that 'dream' quickly became the biggest nightmare he'd ever experienced... One month later some backstabbing occurred, promises were broken, “gentlemen’s agreements” fell apart, and Jonathan ended up signing on and claiming benefit from the very colleagues he’d worked beside mere days ago. 

Worse, he’d spent thousands on computers, marketing and materials for a business that was stolen from under is feet by people he’d trusted, all on his credit card.  Within just weeks, Jonathan was losing more money than he envisaged earning each month.

And despite applying some of the money-mastery methods he'd discovered earlier - plus everything else he could think of doing - his efforts to dig his way out of the hole left him, in the space of 3 years...

More Than £10,000.00 Down...

...and in more serious financial trouble than most people get themselves into within an entire lifetime!

It Was At This Point That Jonathan FINALLY
Had To Become The Smartest Financial Wizard
He'd Ever Known... Or Sink Forever

Jonathan took a deep breath and asked himself a profound question - "Who REALLY knows how to handle money?" His answer - the Financial Adviser. That made sense, they helped people all the time with money, usually drove great cars and his state benefit experience would help immensely.

So he applied for 11 jobs in Financial Services, his rapport-building skills meant he was offered ALL but one of them, so he was able to decide who he thought was good enough to work for! After working in one company where they sellotaped the phone to your head until you made an appointment, and another where you weren’t allowed to sit down until you did, he eventually ended up working as The Financial Adviser for the whole of Scotland for that company.

This meant Jonathan spent 5, sometimes 6 days a week, on the road, covering an average of 3000 miles a month in the company car, advising prison officers, civil servants and private individuals on saving, investing, pensions, life insurance, tax planning, you name it.  And every day, he would feed his mind with motivational tapes, inspirational CDs and not once listened to the radio. The Vauxhall Vectra became his “university on wheels”…

But the “travelling salesman” lifestyle is a tough one.  Long hours, dangerous roads, terrible diet and mountains of rules and regulations.  Honestly, it was easier to make a sale than to get it past the Financial Compliance people!  And all the time he was working for people he didn’t respect, and who certainly didn’t respect Jonathan.

As you can imagine, there were times when even Jonathan himself believed he would never escape from it. Virtually every day, he had to battle with the fear-filled experience of realising he would probably have to work for someone else for the rest of his life, just as his Dad did..

At The Height Of This Cataclysmic
Financial Despair, He Figured Out The
Final, But Critical, Piece Of The Puzzle

He became convinced that carefully adding a few simple but powerful enhancements to his 'system' would work for both personal and business debt - which it DID... almost spectacularly. He had finally grasped the game of money, and how to win it.

Thus were born the brilliant financial secrets that evolved into the “YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE” Method - and they're now fixing the finances of countless ordinary people, families, and business-owners all across the country.

Seemingly against all odds, Jonathan astonished everybody around him by helping his customers and clients to manage their finances.  H stopped selling and started advising.  In his final year of employment, clients from five years back were head hunting him to give him their business!

In fact, his Manager was utterly astonished: "I wasn't going to ask until it was all behind you, but now that it IS, how on earth did you manage it?  You halved your appointments and yet doubled your sales.  How did you do that?"

At times it wasn't easy - but not one of his fellow Financial Advisers or superiors knew about Jonathan's unique system for eradicating debt. His financial strategies WORK. It's that simple. And they've proven to work in any city in the world. They work from any financial starting point - as high as the highest ivory tower, or down in the depths of hell. They work in any currency. And, it just so happens, they work in both private finances and business finances.

In his first month working for himself, he earned EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT as his last pay packet.  In month 2 he doubled it.  Who says a new start up business makes a loss for the first two years?  Not using this system…

Jonathan Reveals The Game of Money...
...And How To Win It BIG

Out of the ashes was born a financial wizard. (and you'll discover your own financial wizardry over the next few paragraphs).

Jonathan would end up helping countless single parents, struggling families and gloomy businesses learn how to gain control of their debt, then begin a life of worry-free financial growth... and even wealth.

If, like more and more people, YOU dream of starting a business you can call your very own(or if you've already got one up and running, but you're finding it a bit of a struggle ), you'll be especially interested in the 'business checklist' information Jonathan touches on. It's all on the audio CDs and workbook. For instance:

Nothing Should Hold YOU Back
From The Freedom Of Having
All The Things You Want In Life

(You Deserve Everything You Truly Desire)

This is why - in my view - Jonathan is #1 in the world when it comes to advising individuals how to get out of debt, STAY out, build wealth and live a life of financial freedom... personally, in family life, and in business. It's also why today Jonathan is a busy performance Coach, published author, Trainer, Master hypnotherapist and sought after consultant, specialising in the psychology of hyper-speed financial freedom and wealth strategies.

In YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE, you'll start to discover the invisible connections between what you believe about money and your 'emotional baggage' - the stuff that's ultimately holding you back from the freedom of having ALL the things you want. But there's none of that New-Age "there, there... everything will be all right, my dear" psychobabble or mumbo-jumbo here. This is hard, straight to the point, effective understanding about why YOU continually find yourself struggling with money... and how to change things quickly.

Here's just a taster of the level of personal insight and psychological strategy you will gain when you receive the book:

  1. Why traditional financial education sends most families and individuals into a hopeless debt spiral they can't escape from until retirement - and how to reverse it in weeks or even days.
  2. How the average loan application virtually encourages the applicant to tell BAREFACED LIES about why they want a loan. It's not necessary.

3. The One Thing Alone That Prevents
Millions Of People From Reaching
Their Financial Destiny... Right
Through Life. Understand It, Do What
Jonathan Suggests, And See Your
Financial Freedom Unfold.

  1. Discover the fascinating 'X-Factor' that determines how much money you have in any one month. Learn how to harness its power and turn the tide of your fortune.
  2. Why Jonathan calls credit cards 'plastic cocaine' - and how to rid yourself of the drug in just 30 days or less.
  3. Why - even if you're earning up to £100,000.00 (or more) in personal income - you are likely to be just as deep in debt as when you're only earning £15,000.00 to £25,000.00.  
  4. Learn how to initiate dramatic, immediate and lasting change to your entire financial situation through answering these 3 simple questions over the course of 60 minutes.
  5. You spent your endowment cheque on hammering down the remainder of your mortgage, right? If so, you're in the minority. Discover the shocking truth about exactly what more than half of those receiving an endowment cheque in 2005 spent it on
  6. Learn why it's so darned easy for you to start your debt-reduction strategy on the wrong foot and - tragically - extend the time it takes you to repay your debts. Avoid these pitfalls.
  7. Find out why nearly two-thirds of all bank account holders have never even considered switching their accounts... and why - in many cases - you should almost definitely switch yours.  
  8. The one thing that has shackled you to debt all your life, and how to release those shackles in 90 minutes or less.
  9. Understand exactly what you let fall through the financial plughole when you fail to do this one simple, easy and fun thing.
  10. This simple scorecard becomes a powerful monthly psychological shot in the arm. Watch your debt crumbling - and your financial footing taking stronger and stronger hold. It's almost miraculous!
  11. Understand the simple reason New Year's Resolutions fail 9 times out of 10, and how to ensure your resolutions no longer suffer the same fate.
  12. Learn the shocking reason why tens of thousands of pensioners have a pension that is 40% less than they expected throughout their 30 to 45 years of work.
  13. Discover why the most commonplace financial advice in the world is actually the worst advice you can receive... and learn why most people eventually get themselves back into the same mess they started with when they heed this flawed advice.
  14. The astonishing money-related reason two-thirds of all British office workers (maybe you) eat lunch at their desk, and why a full 25% never even take a lunch break.
  15. Avoid the financial 'syndrome' that affects 2.6 million people every year in the UK as they head towards retirement.
  16. MONEY WORRIES: pressures about money - for an astonishing one-quarter of Britain 's indebted population - are the single mostly likely factor behind a GP visit. Be free from money worries forever in just weeks, and avoid your GP's surgery.
  17. Learn the real reason why one person in every four shows a negative balance on his bank account month on month on month. The reason will surprise you, but you can avoid being trapped in this way, with Jonathan's savvy advice.

My Promise To You Is This:
Your Debt And Financial Worries
Are Over, The Day You Receive

I assure you: The dozens of simple, quick, yet explosively effective 'debt-smashing' strategies Jonathan has packed into virtually every hour on these CDs are YOUR 100% guaranteed life-raft. You'll leave the worrying - even distressing - world of money problems behind you... for good.

Beginning the hour you receive the programme, you'll begin to apply the simple and 'instant' strategies that knock tens, hundreds, or even thousands off your repayments. With not even a penny of increase in the earnings you're receiving today, Jonathan shows you how to reduce, then get out of debt. Then he'll help you move on to building a promising - even affluent - financial future for yourself, you family and all those you care about.

Sounds like a crazy promise? Sounds like you'll never be able to build a bright, financially secure (even wealthy) financial future? NOT TRUE! Anyone can do this... even the most hard-on-his-luck tramp sleeping under the nearest bridge.


Even if you've tried every financial-success book, CD programme, and seminar on the planet - and you're still wrestling to get control... or even if you haven't a clue how to begin your debt-reduction and financial-freedom programme, the fact is this: this is the most powerful debt-reduction and wealth-creation system you'll ever find. At last - realistically - the time has come for YOU to open the floodgates to debt reduction, financial freedom, and true lifetime prosperity.

These 'Secret Strategies' Aren't For Everyone...
As A Matter Of Fact, Some People Actually Don't Seem
To Want Stacks Of Cash To Their Name

More Quickly Than You'll Ever Imagine,
You Will Have Every Debt Under Your Control...
And Every Debt Reducing
Ten Times Faster Than It Can Mount Up...

... more available cash each month... greater spending power... small investments that pour back big returns.

... a life without the need for overdrafts and high-ceiling credit card limits... Platinum Card privileges instead of Classic Card restrictions... the freedom to holiday wherever you want, without taking on additional debt.

... the luxury of seeing your mortgage being cleared in just 5 to 10 years, instead of 25 to 30... the cost of school fees easily met... no more panic at Christmas time and birthday times... and a life without the horrendous and destructive worry, fear and stress to do with money.

Picture Yourself - Relaxed And Peaceful - CERTAIN That You
Have 100% Control Over Your Money. And That Your
Money Is Working 24 Hours A Day For You
... Instead Of You Working 24 Hours A Day For It

No matter how much money you want or need, you can achieve it.

By following the simple strategies Jonathan reveals, 'ordinary' people are getting rich - and even becoming millionaires - every day of the week. And they aren't any smarter or luckier than you or me.

They're only doing one thing differently: they know the simple strategies in YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE that make financial freedom guaranteed. Wealth, huge piles of it (if that's what you want) is available to absolutely everyone, including YOU.

  • You don't need to be making a lot of money or taking on part-time work
  • You don't need the willpower of a Buddhist monk (but if you're a Buddhist monk, that's okay too)
  • You can do this without having to learn a thing about budgets and finances
  • You can launch the programme within 60 minutes of receiving the programme
  • In just an hour or two a week, you'll 100% fix your finances...
    and KEEP them fixed

Here's What People Are
Saying About Jonathan Clark

"JC, as he's fondly referred to by his students is a man of wisdom and humour. One of his top values is having an impact and boy oh boy he achieves it, regularly! I came across him by chance (yeah right!) and in less than a year my life was transformed. If you want to know more about his work – get his programme”

Jackie Walker


"I worked with Jonathan over eight years ago and the changes that took place in my life afterwords were fantastic. He`is a guy of great energy and vision who gets things done”

Fiona Campbell


"“Four months ago… it was clear I was never going to get ahead where I was. When Jonathan said the situation was "absolutely perfect" right now, I could have laughed.

He introduced me to the principles of "attraction" (the idea of attracting people, ideas and opportunities to you instead of striving for them) and suggested that I take a number of his workshops, one of which was on Presentation Skills. This alone opened up several new avenues to me.

Amazing things started to happen… almost 50% more than what I had been earning yet it was in an area I hadn't considered prior to working with Jonathan. It was an outcome I couldn't have believed was possible, but it became possible because my coach believed in me.

I have to admit I was sceptical about hiring a coach at first. It was no small challenge to be paying the price of a small mortgage at a time when I had no regular income. But I can assure you that if you want to achieve truly remarkable things and are willing to put in the work, hiring Jonathan as your coach will be the best investment you ever make. You will recoup your money many, many times over.

Put simply, Jonathan offers unconditional support and encouragement to be and do whatever you desire. Now, who else do you know who can do that for you?”

Ros Toynbee


As the above few comments confirm...

...if you don't agree that receiving Jonathan's YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE (risk-free for a full 30 days) is the best financial move you've ever made - and ever will make - in your life... might as well face the fact: get ready to continue having debt
overshadow your life. If you've found it difficult to take control of money for months or years, it's not suddenly going to change...
unless you change what you do with money.

Make the most sensible move you've ever made: get Jonathan’s programme on 30 days' risk-free trial today, and apply what he reveals in it... What can you lose (apart from all your debt) ??

So, What's The Price Of The Programme?

You might expect a CD set of this importance, packed to the rafters with such a breadth of rapid debt-reduction and wealth-creation strategies, to cost upwards of £500.00 or so. The thing is, Jonathan insisted that it only be priced low... at just £47 plus postage and packing.

Yes, this is just a fraction of the immediate cash you'll be saving over the first 30 days (and onwards... Jonathan reveals it ALL to you within the space of 80 minutes!) on your credit cards, your bank loans, and your overdraft.

Simply For Previewing The Home Study Course,
On A 100% Risk-Free Trial Basis:

Jonathan's Wealth-Creation Bonus

As a way of saying thanks for previewing YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE, Jonathan has agreed to 'gift' you a once-in-a-lifetime place at his Wealth Success Strategies Tele-Masterclass.

In fact, (and I think he's mad to go this far) he's inviting you to have a guest with you, still absolutely free. The normal charge per person on this Tele-Masterclass is £297.00. But you, and a guest of your choice, can participate free (you just pay a local-rate call).

PLEASE NOTE: access to each event is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, and spaces are limited. Guarantee you get on this wealth-changing group teleclass by reserving your place the instant you receive the course - your complimentary invitation is included.

Here's just a snippet of what you'll discover on Jonathan's teleclass:

  • A set of 3 rarely-understood enhancements to your debt-elimination
    and wealth-creation strategies, which you can implement in just 60 minutes
  • Jonathan explains the single most common set of barriers to wealth for the majority of people - and how to smash those barriers quickly and easily
  • The behaviours that, unchecked, drag back your financial progress... and how to dissolve them forever 
  • Why you're born to be financially free and wealthy, and how to tap into the natural stream of 'wealth consciousness' that will make financial freedom real for you
  • How to get the most mileage out of Jonathan's easiest and most powerful debt- recovery methods with no more than a calculator by your side
  • A simple 3-step exercise you can do right after the teleclass that will virtually instantly bring positive changes to your money situation

Participation in this mind-opening and
revealing teleclass is worth a thousand times
the price of the course alone. Don't miss it for anything.

Finally... But Most Important...
Your 30 Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee 

Guarantee #1: Order the programme, and if you're not instantly - and entirely - impressed, excited, and motivated to immediately map out YOUR debt-reduction and wealth-creation blueprint, and you don't agree that it is 100% realistic and simple for you to do, then simply pop it back into the packaging, return it to the publisher, and receive a 100% refund.

But, if you're as excited, and almost instantly liberated, by the enormous - yet simple - wealth of advice Jonathan has packed into every minute of the audio CD’s, start applying the advice immediately.

Expect results in the first 60 minutes or less. Then carry on, step-by-step, following Jonathan's ingenious debt-reduction plans... and watch the beginning of your financial freedom and wealth take shape for an entire month - absolutely risk free.

Guarantee #2: If, by the end of another full 30 days, you don't agree that your debt is now in your total control... that your debt level is reducing by the day... that your monthly payments are less (or substantially less)... and you don't agree that you are seeing a clear and rapid way right out of the debt that has entangled you for months... or years... or even decades... and you see your personal wealth already beginning to form and build... then by all means send back the course.

I mean it. If you cannot see that it will continue to do so while providing true financial freedom and the luxury of never again having to worry about anything to do with money, never again having to restrict what you can do... or how you do it, or how many times you do it... then simply return the package and receive a 100% refund, promptly and courteously.

Again, I mean it. If you can't honestly say that you've never before in your life been in this much total control, and this realistically excited about the mastery you now have over money, over spending, and the ability to manage your expenses...

...and if you don't agree that you are well on your way toward building a £100,000.00 to £1,000,000.00 - or greater - retirement fortune (I mean realistically , with money growing in your bank and investment accounts), then Jonathan has insisted that you do NOT keep the course.

Simply return it, and you'll receive - even after a full 30 days - 100% of your money back.

Just return it to the publisher's address found at the bottom of this letter, on your sales receipt, and in the programme... and receive a full refund of the entire price of the course.

I Think You'll Agree This Is The Most Fair -
Even OUTRAGEOUS - Money-Back Guarantee
You've Ever Seen Attached To An Audio CD set

This is how certain Jonathan is: when you follow his simple yet extraordinarily powerful advice, you - just an everyday person - can clear all your obligations, get control of money, and never again be entangled in the world of spiralling debt... or the fear, worry and stress that goes with it.

In fact, you'll build a real chest of wealth that 100% frees you financially - one that liberates your life, your desires, your family, and your family's future... with more money than most people earn in 6 lifetimes, let alone in just a few short years... as you now will (so long as you keep applying these powerful strategies).

Do it now!  This will be the best investment you'll ever make.


Paul Bressler


Paul Bressler,

P.S. You also get to participate in Jonathan’s £297.00 Wealth Success Strategies Tele-Masterclass - ABSOLUTELY FREE. Details arrive with your programme.


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Jonathan Clark
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G41 3JA
United Kingdom

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