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Item specifics

Condition: New Manufacturer Part Number: UR-FD3-607
Warranty: Yes Surface Finish: White Poswder Finished
Part Brand: Ultra Racing





Strut Bar and Chassis Strengthening Technology

If you're serious about your car's handling performance, you will fist be looking at lowering the suspension. In most cases unless you're a complete petrolhead, this will be more than adequate. However, if you are a keen driver, you will be able to get far better handling out of your car by fitting a couple of other accessories to it. The first thing you should look at is a strut bar. When you corner, the whole car's chassis is twisting slightly. In the front (and perhaps at the back, but not so often.) the suspension pillars will be moving relative to each other because there's no direct physical link between them. They are connected via the car body, which can flex depending on its stiffness. A strut bar bolts across the top of the engine to the tops of the two suspension posts and makes that direct physical contact. The result is that the whole front suspension setup becomes a lot more rigid and there will be virtually no movement relative to each side. In effect you're adding the fourth side to the open box created by the sub-frame and the two suspension pillars.

A car chassis is carry by 4 wheels and 4 shock absorbers. When driving on bumpy road, the shock of impact will be absorb by shock absorber, however if the chassis is not strong enough to support the shock absorber, the shock of impact will not all absorb by shock absorber but by chassis, causing chassis flex. Same thing happen when make a turn on corner, chassis will be twisted by the force of weight transfer. Therefore, the handling will be rough and hard to predict the movement of car. 

To soft the chassis flex problem and improve the handling, the Ultra Racing's chassis strengthen parts is born, we will explain how this product works on you car. The stronger chassis, the better handling.


Fender Bar  

The joint between A-pillar and front chassis will be push and twist by the greater shock of impact and drag force, causing damage on chassis.

Ultra Racing's Fender bar will spread out the force and strengthen the section, prevent further damage and offer stable handling. Recommend for user of sport absorber

Strut Bar and lower Arm Bar              

Part of the shock of impact transfer to the chassis, causing wheel house and lower arm deforming
The weight transfer and force gathering on one side, causing unstable handling and increasing body roll

Equip with the Ultra Racing's strut bar and lower arm bar, both side shock of impact will be neutralized.
The force will spread out by Ultra Racing's strut bar and lower arm bar, stabilize the car and provide

Side Lower Bar

On uneven / bumpy road, center section chassis will have different level of body flex cause by the weight transfer between front and rear

Ultra Racing's side lower bar will stabilize the weight transfer between front and rear, it can also minimize the damage from side impact.

t can also minimize the damage from side impact.

Anti Roll Bar


When turning in corner, the weight transfer will make the car sway a side, causing body roll and more difficult to turn in to a corner, weaken the steering respond

The upgrade version of Ultra Racing's anti roll bar will be more effectively preventing the car sway a side at cornering, greatly reduce body roll and high stability in cornering




Mounted at the front chassis for strengthening purposes. To eliminate all the suspension noise and more stability during acceleration, hard driving and braking ( simulating race track conditions ).

Every vehicle’s front chassis is different therefore designs and develops the front bars based on the actual conditions of the vehicle, repeatedly testing and proving to its perfection. High attention is taken during the design and development stage to ensure the chassis is able to withstand the load when a bar is being installed.

Ultra Racing is proud to bring to you the first of its kind in the country, the MULTI-POINT Front Strut Bar. The Front Strut Bar is installed to minimize the weight transfer of the vehicle body, therefore the vehicle will not loose traction easily during cornering.


Mounted at rear section of the car chassis (boot). Similar to the function of the front strut bar. The rear strut bar is use to support the rear section of the chassis, so that the force generated during hard braking and driving can be reduced.

The Rear Strut Bar is particularly useful for an FF vehicle. The Understeer behavior can be corrected by stiffening the rear chassis by installing a Rear Bar.

High attention is taken during the design and development stage to ensure the rear chassis is reinforced and strengthened in a proper way that it will not cause the vehicle body to undergo too much stress.

Rear Upper Bars is designed for vehicles with high roof and high CG (Centre of Gravity) such as MPV's, mini MPV's, SUV's and Hatch Backs.

Initially, Rear Upper Bar is invented specially for the 5 Doors Hatch Back cars. The 5 Door Hatch Back cars have weaker rear upper body due to their wide opening rear door. Under extensive investigation and actual road proving, it corrected the shortcoming of the vehicle’s swaying rear upper body.


Installed at the left and right side of the vehicle wheel arch or fender. Fender bars can give extra support and strength to the chassis especially during cornering.

As most of the vehicle’s front chassis over hanging is designated to carry the vertical loads from the front suspensions, it is vital that this part of the chassis is strong enough to take the bounce and rebound force of the suspension. Else, the effort of a good suspension will lose its meaning if the chassis absorbs all the forces from the suspension and not letting the suspension does what it suppose to do.

Therefore, these high quality 3-Point Fender Bars strengthen and reinforce these essential areas of your car and help maintain the suspension in position from all kind of vertical loads.

As a matter of fact, Fender Bars come as a standard feature on most of the high performance vehicles such as MITSUBISHI EVO and SUBARU WRX. Now, you can have the same feature on your car too!

  • Advantages of the fender bar:
  • Improve handling, stability at high speed and cornering, hence safer driving.
  • Provide a better braking and stopping performance.
  • Reduce NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).
  • Increase stiffness of vehicle front chassis.

Anti Roll Bars (also known as anti-sway bars, sway bars or lower tie bars) affect the handling of the car on the lower end of the suspension. Sway bars tie the lower suspension components together across the front or back, and affect a car's over steer and under steer. Sway bars will keep your car flat in turns instead of leaning over to one side. They distribute energy from the side of the car with all the force from the turn on it to the other side of the car, bringing the whole car down flat instead of leaning to one side. Of course the car will still lean some, but not as much. Sway bars provide better cornering especially at high speeds and work very well in conjunction with strut tower bars. However, they can have an adverse affect in off-road situations by leaving one tire completely off the ground.


The Ultra Racing Lower Arm Bar is designed to reduce the flex of the vehicle chassis where it is connected by the Lower wishbone of the suspension system, thus to lessen the distortion of the vehicle lower suspension when it is under load, especially during hard cornering. It is installed at the lower mounting points between the left and right suspension and the vehicle chassis. Tremendously improving the stiffness at the area where the lower arm is connected to the vehicle chassis. The Ultra Racing Lower Arm Bar also keeps camber accurate during hard cornering.


It is the bar linking both the B-Pillars within the passenger compartment. The effect of room bar is particularly obvious for a four-door sedan. This is because four-door sedan has a longer body than the hatch-back or coupe, the chassis is by nature weaker than the later two.


Non Adjustable Ultra Racing Bar

During the development phase of Ultra Racing bars, the products are in accordance to the design and development philosophy. Real on-road performance test as well as on-track testing are conducted. In order to obtain data,  three testing jigs, namely Bending Test Jig, Torsion Test and Flex Test Jig are invented .These jigs are used to test the performance of  products with continuous basis.

The strut bar is bolted to the jig to simulate the actual situation on the vehicle chassis. For torsion test jig, torque is applied to one side of the bar, and the amount of twist is recorded. Torque used was calculated and fixed at 6.6kg/m.

For compression test jig, forces are applied along both sides of the bar. Maximum compression force is recorded to study the structure of various kind of designs that the bar can withstand under different driving conditions including impact simulating an accident.  A hydraulic pump is used to compress at set pressures and record the results

For flex test jig, torques are applied on the ends of the bars to simulate the performance of the bar under chassis flex conditions. Torque used for the experiment is fixed at 8kg/m.

Compression Test

click to view picture

Brand : UR (Civic EK 2 points)
  • Bracket : Non Adjustable
  • Bracket thickness : 4mm
  • Weight : 1.5 KG
  • Commpression Impact : 3mm (100 psi)
  • Brand : XXX (Civic EK 2 points)

  • Bracket : Adjustable

  • Bracket thickness : 4mm

  • Weight : 1.4 KG

  • Compression Impact : 70mm (100 psi)

Flex Test
click to view picture click to view picture

 Brand : UR (Civic EK 2 points)

 Bracket : Non Adjustable

Bracket thickness : 4mm

 Weight : 1.5 KG

 Flex : 50mm (8 kg/m)

click to view picture click to view picture

Brand : XXX (Civic EK 2 points)

Bracket : Adjustable

Bracket thickness : 4mm

Weight : 1.4 KG

Flex : ? (8 kg/m)


Beware of Imitations
Comparison between genuine UR and Imitations
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click to view picture        click to view picture       click to view picture

click to view picture         click to view picture       

Below are few ways to identify if you have purchased genuine Ultra Racing products:
To Identify Genuine ULTRA RACING Products, all bars come with Ultra Racing stickers and serial number.
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 MATERIAL SPECIFICATION & DESIGN________________________________________________

Every materials used are carefully selected to ensure the best performance and safety. The brackets are made of 4mm to 5mm steel plates, while the hollow steel tubes and oval tubes are of 1.2mm to 1.6mm thickness. These materials are selected to ensure the bars are rigid and strong to maintain constant geometry at all times, yet safe enough to crumble during an impact for safety reason

All our raw materials has been made and tested with satisfactory result. 


MILL / TEST CERTIFICATE (Chemical Composition) 

Specification - JIS 3101 SS 400  (Japan International Standard)

                  - JIS G 3141 SPCC SD (Japan International Standard)

                  - ASTM A 500 Grade A (American Standard)

                  - BS 1387 ( British Standard)

 To protect against the elements & corrosion, we powder coat all our bars to an aesthetically pleasing white color.

Steel vs Aluminum

Why we use Steel instead of Aluminum?

First, steel is stronger than aluminum for the same size and thickness. In order for aluminum alloys to be at least the same strength as steel, it has to be at least double the thickness (steel 4mm = aluminum 8mm). When that happens, weight saving is not so apparent anymore. Of course there are also exotic materials and alloys that can match the strengths of steel, but the cost are astronomically high and therefore not very cost effective to bring into mass production.

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Terms & Conditions

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