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GREAT SPECIAL - QUICK SHIPPING SO YOU HAVE IT NOW- Your bidding on 52 Hydroplane, Runabouts, & Cruiser Plans build one or build them all- how will you ever decide.  I will also provide you with the correct epoxy information to make this fun and affordable- NOTE this is the only place on ebay you will find complete epoxy information included with the plans.  In addition to just plans, where I can I include colored pictures and some actual construction pictures not found in any plans from anyone on ebay.  If you are looking for something else you don't see here send me an email and I will see if I can help.  I actually build boats unlike others that just sell plans so if you purchase my plans and have a question I will help you through it.  The boat in the picture is one I built and yes that is me out having a great time in a home built hydroplane!  I get emails all the time from happy customers who say the extra help is worth a lot more than the price of the plans they purchased.  Building a boat is a lot of fun also taking it out on the water and seeing the attention you will get is priceless.  Remember anyone can sell plans however if you have a question along the way and you purchased the plans from me I will give you actual boat builder guidance.  I provide the plans on a  CD for your easy access and printing.  (ONE PACKED CD).  You will get a custom labeled CD that you can read from or move the files over to your hard drive.  Below is a list of the boat plans that go from basic to the experienced home builder, don't be afraid to try one of these projects - everyone who has built a boat started with their first.  Many of the plans here were written years ago and technology has replaced some of the steps, I can provide you with today's replacement steps as required or build it just as they did years ago, it is up to you.  Last these are just plain fun, thanks for looking.  Shipping is $3.50 anywhere with a US zip code, Canada shipping is $5.50, Europe shipping $6.50. For shipping to anywhere else not listed above please email me for a quote.  Please ask any questions before bidding.  I have been building boats for years and have sold many plans so bid with confidence, look what happy customers have said please,  Check it out for yourself - I am sure you will love what you receive.  Last that other auction that says that others has copied his auction descriptions please don’t believe it, he just sells plans nothing more. Another thing about him not being responsible for others auctions- that is a good thing since the seller never makes mention of ever even building a boat himself. Thanks for looking now I hope you have a lot of time to read all 52 listings below- there is something for everyone in this collection. Check out my other auctions.  I also rebuild old Mercury outboards so if you have a question about any of them I am sure I can help, I currently own 10 old mercury outboard motors, many similar to the one in the picture with the largest being 50 hp. Good luck.

 1. Ace: This is a speedy Two-Cockpit Outboard Runabout- with a stock 40hp Mec. This boat runs over 50 Miles per Hour, 16hp runs this boat over 32 Miles per hour.  Ace is an ideal boat for backyard builders because no building form is required to make it.  Speedy two-cockpit outboard runabout for towing water skiers and general family boating pleasure, length 12 ft. 4 in. overall, beam 5 ft. 9 in. overall, depth 27 in. forward, 15 in. aft.  Weight 200 lb less motor.

2.  Air Marine Special: two-point prop rider competition racing hydroplane for use in Class F outboard races sanctioned under APBA.  Length 140.5 in., width 76 in. max. at sponsons, weight 275 lbs less motor.  Speed 85+ miles per hour- clocked at over 90 miles per hour.  Single driver, construction is plywood planking over wooden framework.  Motor:  Mercury, Mark 75H.

3.  All-Purpose:  An All purpose portable boat- A winter evening project for the sportsman who wants his own boat for next summer’s outings, inexpensive, easily built, a safe and satisfactory performer. Weight 125 pounds, 1 to 10hp motor, up to 35 mph, easily loaded and transported atop an auto, Canvas covered hull is leak proof, adapted for home workshop construction., about 12 feet long and about 44 inches wide,. 5 page plan set- easy first boat, looks great!

4.  AquaRacer:  What is an AquaRacer? Just about the rootinest, tootinest, scootinest racing boat to go on water, that’s what!  She is a tunnel-hull racing machine designed after the famous Scotti Crafts and Molinaris the big boys use in pursuit of those world-outboard speed records.  With AquaRacer you can go after a record or two yourself.  This craft is 17 foot 8 inches long with a beam of 75 ½ inches.  The boat depth is 3 foot 6 inches.  Plywood and wood frame construction.  The AquaRacer hit 76 mph and it was not even fine tuned with the correct prop, hold on and go fast!  This plan is for the big boys with the big outboard motors, a few of you have asked for this plan so here it is for everyone- got to build one of these some day.

5.  Aquarod:  This mile a minute racer has key fun ingredients- speed, safety, and easy construction.  If you are interested in having the most unique and certainly the fastest boat on the river or lake next summer the Aquarod is the answer.  This boat is a hotrod for the water.  This boat has a tunnel hull that is not only fast- nothing can touch it except hydroplane designs.  If you want to go on water and you want to go fast the tunnel hull is the best way.  This boat is 225 pounds and is setup for solo running but a seat for a passenger can be installed behind the driver.  This boat will handle the 125hp outboard and up and with that you can expect to be close to 100 mph!  Better have plenty of experience before trying that combination.  Plywood construction with framing.  15 foot 7 inches long, 37 inches high and about 20 inches deep.  The width of this craft is 5 foot 1 inch.  This is the true race boat you have been looking for, get that big motor on something that will get up and go.

6. Atomite: Here is a fast and highly maneuverable 9.5 ft. outboard hydroplane.  This boat is 9 ft. 5 in. long and a little over 60 in wide.  Merc. KE-4 (7.5HP) to over 10+ HP is no problem for this boat.

7.  BEBOP:  Flat bottomed plywood runabout, 8 ft long with a 48 inch beam, weight 100 pounds, seating capacity is three, construction material is ¼ inch exterior plywood over a wooden frame.  Midget version of a classy runabout, no odd size boat lumber needed for this plan.  All materials can be purchased at your local lumberyard.  This boat is for the youngsters in all of us.

8.  Blitzen: Want a Utility or Racing Boat?  This is a speedy outboard runabout for class B racing, beveled chines for safe high-speed operation.  Performs with boat motors from 10 to 25 hp.  The length is 11 feet 2 inches long, the Beam is 4 feet 7 inches, depth is 15 inches, weight 185 pounds, seating capacity is 4 persons, speeds of over 40 mph with 25 hp motors, construction is ¼ inch plywood over framework.  This boat design won many Class B runabout races. This is one great boat.

9. Blue Streak:  Speedy runabout that is truly easy to build, great for class “B” racing.  With a Merc Hurricane it runs 46 miles per hour.  Carries as many as 3 people.  Length is about 118 inches long.  Easy to build plywood construction.

10. Buzz:  A lightweight easy handled outboard hydroplane, adapted to car top carrying, and designed for use with 5 to 10 hp outboard motors.  Length 11 ft. 1 in. Beam 55 in., depth 22 in., weight 135 lb., capacity 4 persons, plywood construction.  Easy to build.

11. Cab-Over Hydro: First called the X-1 this Hydroplane is all about speed.  It is 14 ft. long and over 80 in. wide.  This design is modeled after the big unlimited class hydros that race for the Gold Cup.  Most run 50 to 100+ HP motors on this design – add a special lower unit and your speed will be even higher.

12.  Cobra:  A fin tailed 15-foot Outboard Runabout-  Use with any outboard from 10 to 50 hp.  The Cobra will achieve speeds of from 20 to 45+ miles per hour- will leave factory built boats well in its wake.  Construction time will vary with individuals, anywhere from two weeks to two months.  Construction 3/8-inch plywood bottom with ¼ inch sides. Length 15 feet, beam 6 feet, depth from 17 to 28 inches, three persons seating capacity- this is a deluxe outboard sports runabout, which combines superior performance with modern styling.

13. Dingbat: A water scooter that can be built in one day, the most fun per horsepower, up to 10hp is no problem.

14. DOLPHIN:  A 16-foot boat specially designed for those who move their craft about by trailer.  A low cost travel over protected waters.  A super light hull that can be transported anywhere by trailer.  It will accommodate two persons for extended trips or a party of four for day cruises comfortably.  Plywood is used throughout, and the hull is designed to exact the utmost from low power motors.  Any 2 ½ to 8 hp water-cooled marine engine will provide very low operating costs.  Today’s small car engines will work fine also.  Construction of the Dolphin is not difficult.  Each item has been simplified as much as possible.

15. Doodle Bug: This is a single cockpit, outboard hydroplane that is remarkably fast, can take from 9 to 25hp outboard motor.  Construction is a plywood skin over a wood frame.

16. Dragonfly: This is a super fast 10 foot hydroplane for small 4 hp motors up to 25 or more.  This boat is quick to plane and turns sharp. This is an easy boat to build.

17. Dragonfly II: This is the speediest sweetheart of a speedboat ever designed.  It has all new lines that make it a stable racing hydroplane.  Once again it is easy to build and fast.

18. Eager Eve:  This is an efficient cruiser outboard with its motor concealed in a well.  May be used for extended cruises upon inland waterways, or sports use as the home harbor for sight seeing or pulling water skiers. Length is 18 feet, beam 73 inches, depth forward 40 inches, Aft 28 inches.  Weight of hull is 600 pounds.  The capacity is: sleeps 2 persons, 4 persons seated with deck chairs.  Constructed out of 3/8-inch plywood planking makes this boat easy to build.

19. El Cid: A small inboard mini hydroplane that can run with a 4hp air-cooled engine or larger.  Great for young kids and cheap to build. 

20.  Fire Fly:  You can really go places in this speedy hydroplane, which is designed for the largest outboard motor available.  A new bottom design makes this sporty craft fast and efficient- seaworthy on smooth and rough water.  50 hp outboard and up are best adapted to this super speed runabout.  A 50 hp can plane 6 people with ease, attain speeds approaching 60 mph.  Fire Fly measures 14 feet long with a beam of about 5 feet.  Complete this craft has a weight of about 275 pounds.  Plywood and frame construction.  A real nice home project.

21. FLIGHT: This is a runabout cruiser whose construction is brought within the scope of the amateur builder by simple application of plywood planking.  Flight is 19 feet 6 inches long with a 66-inch beam.  Additional room inboard is the result of having the motor outboard.  You could build this with an inboard but a much less expensive outboard is perfectly adaptable.  Another simple cruiser to build, what fun!

22. Flyer: This inboard engine racer is about nothing but speed!  It was designed for the APBA 135 Class back in the 1930’s.  Great for racing.

23. HA’PENNY:  If you are looking for a Midget outboard-powered express cruiser you just found your plans!  Length 18 feet with a beam of 5 foot 7 inches.  Will run over 23 mph with a 33 HP outboard.  This boat is a V-bottom for real speed.  There is nothing complicated about Ha’Penny. Great boat!

24. Hasty Hornet: Trim, lightweight, high-speed outboard hydroplane racer that is ideal for general sports use or sanctioned racing.  Hornet will place among the winners in any competition.

25. JINX:  Designed primarily for Class “B” stock utility racing and qualified under 1955 APBA rules.  Boat complete weights only 140 pounds and it is all about speed.  A stock 10hp will push this boat over 33 miles per hour.  No safer or better boat for turns.

26.  Jumping Jack:  FISHERMAN-CAMPERS! Here is your boat and trailer combined into one easy to build project. This is a general-purpose small outboard runabout.  Designed as a combination fold-up boat and trailer.  Powered with outboard motors up to 5 hp.  Length is 9 feet 7 inches, depth is 2 feet, beam is 3 feet 11 inches, and the total weight is about 120 pounds.  The seating capacity is 2 people, 4 in a pinch.  Construction is ¼ inch exterior plywood with framing.  This boat splits in half!

27.  Maximus: This 12 foot 6 inch runabout is cheap to build.  A two-seater, it will do 38 mph with a 20 hp outboard and can be used to tow water skiers!  No forms are required to build this zippy wake maker.  High speeds for low cost are a bonus of this building project.

28. Meteor: Here is a fast, lightweight, outboard runabout for knockabout service that can be easily transported anywhere.  Takes motors up to 22+hp.  This boat is for you if you like sports speedy, try this lightweight, 12-½ foot outboard hydroplane.

29. Minimax: Minimax is exactly what the name implies- a boat requiring a minimum in time and materials to build to give you the maximum in performance and water sport fun.  Can be built in one day- will take motors from 3 to 15 hp.  Safe- this boat will support 900 lbs even with the cockpit completely filled with water.  A real great first time boat builder project.

30. Minimost: This was my first boat I built so I just love this one- I still think it is the most fun on the water.  Stressed skin construction and advanced under hull design makes this a real speedy boat.  Will run 30 mph with a 10hp motor on it!  Cheap to build and fast- also easy, this should be your first boat too.

31.  Mustang:  A lightweight speedy outboard runabout, adapted to carrying atop an auto or by trailer.  Powered with outboard motors up to 12hp- I can see a 20 hp easy on this boat.  The length is about 10 feet with a 52-inch beam.  The depth is 17 inches and the weight is 125 pounds.  The seating capacity is 2 persons but 3 are okay in a pinch.  Construction uses ¼ inch plywood over a strong framework. This looks like a real fun project.

32. Panther:  High speed, inboard runabout for racing, all around sport use.  Length 15 feet, 6 foot beam, depth 30 inches to 18 inches. Weight 450 pounds, 4 persons capacity.  Speed from 45 to 75 depending on the motor used.  Advanced monocoupe method of construction, which means bottom, does not bear all weight and impact.  Designed for today’s lightweight, high speed auto engines.  Top speed 75 mph, could be driven faster but it would then only have one point of contact with the water- the propeller!  Water born space travel with this inboard speedster.   If you are thinking about an inboard this is your boat.

33. Playboy:  Sports Runabout- Deluxe outboard runabout.  For extended trips afloat, hauling water skiers and aquaplanes, or as a sporty fishing craft.  14 feet long and over 5 ft. 9 in. at its beam.  A capacity to seat two persons forward- three or four aft. Will run over 32mph with a 1953 Evinrude or Johnson- faster with a Merc.

34.  PM38:  Back in the day this boat claimed 38 mph for $38 in materials and 38 hours to build.  The Pm-38 out performs boats costing hundreds of dollars more and runs like  racer’s dream with just 28 hp clamped to the transom. The boat is 13 feet 9 inches long and can be explained as maximum return, minimum expense.  The secret is the flat planning hull along with hacking off weight wherever possible.  The result is a 200-pound boat.  No complex building forms to build the PM-38. One sweet boat.

35. Rocket: An inexpensive yet fast and sporty that is what this Rocket is all about.  This is a 15 ft. inboard step hydro that will take an automotive engine of 35hp or larger.  If you are looking to build an inboard this may be the Rocket for you.

36. Scat Cat: At slightly over 60 mph Scat Cat is usually air borne.  This is a 3-point hydroplane.  Its length is 103 in. with a width of 57 in.  The boat alone will weigh about 105 lbs.  Got to love speed to build this boat.

37. Sea Angler:  This is a great 20 footer, which offers a variety of power options- 150 horses are suggested for a cruising speed of 32 mph.  This boat has a deep-vee hull design that provides a high turn speed with minimum pounding in rough seas.  A 150 HP engine is recommended either as a straight inboard, an inboard/outboard, or a pair of outboards.  Today you can just pick up a 150hp outboard and strap it on- plan on running about 40 mph!  The construction is of plywood panels over hardwood frames, which makes the job simple for anyone using common hand tools.  Length 20 feet, Beam 8 feet, depth 49 inches, transom width 80 inches, draft 18 inches.  A real beauty.

38. SEA BABE CABIN CRUISER:  Cruising comfort plus runabout speed are packed into 15 foot Sea Babe.  Sports cruiser for extended trips in protected waters, having water skiers, trolling or deep-water fishing.  Length is 15 feet with a Beam of 6 feet 4 inches.  A forward depth of 33 inches with an aft depth of 21 inches.  The weight is 450 pounds complete.  Capacity: sleeps two persons for overnight cruising or seats four persons.  Construction is easy with plywood over curved bottom.  A 25 HP outboard will cruise this boat at 32 miles per hour.

39.  Sea Fury:  This is a three-point outboard hydro runabout for ski towing and other high-speed water sports.  The length is 15 feet 4 inches.  The beam is 79 inches with a depth of 27 inches maximum.  The weight is 425 pounds with seating for three persons.  A real fast solid performance boat.  Now for the first time you can build a sleek sports runabout, using a three-point racing type hull similar to those that have captured championship trophies in hydro-class competition year after year using an ordinary 35 to 40 hp motor.  Plywood and heavy duty framing.  I love the nice big fins on the back of this boat and so will you.

40. Sea Hawk Cruiser:  The sweeping lines of the Sea Hawk conceal plenty of space for sleeping a large family.  Cabin cruiser for overnight trips on protected waters or general water sports use on rivers and small lakes.  May also be used for deep-sea fishing on ocean waters.  Designed with a convex bottom makes this a hi-lift construction.  Plywood over a developed surface, wooden framework and trussed bottom members.  The length is 21 feet 2 inches.  The beam is about 8 feet.  The height is 57 inches at the bow, 6 feet 7 inches from keel planking to cabin top, and 36 inches at the transom.  Sleeping capacity is 2 adults and 1 or 2 children in the forward cabin, and 2 to 3 adults on cots in open cockpit.  This boat will only draft 4 inches with the motor tilted up.  The total weight is 975 pounds complete.  With a 60 HP outboard the speed was about 32 MPH.  So if you are looking for a good, big, roomy cabin cruiser you just found your plans.  Material list included.

41.  Sea King:  Built for salt-water fishing five to seven miles off-shore, Sea King is a prime example of the African ski boat.  While primarily designed for the ocean or gulf, Sea King makes an excellent fishing boat for the great lakes or any other inland lake where fishing is good.  If you are into real fishing in large lakes take a look at this plan.

42.  Shore Lark:  Wide adaptation to both sheltered and open waters.  Fast, stable and seaworthy.  General purpose boat for fishing, hunting, or knock about usage.  May be rowed or propelled with outboard motors ranging up to 24hp. Speeds will be about 45 mph with the 24 hp motor.  The length is 13 feet 6 inches with a beam of 56 inches.  The depth is 18 inches with a total weight complete of 200 pounds.  Seating capacity is 5 persons and the construction is wood sawed frames with lapped planks.  This craft has a semi Vee bottom and a pointed bow.  Fast, safe and sea worthy on almost any waters, this general utility runabout will afford long happy hours of sport and repay its construction many times. This boat also looks like a lot of fun to build.

43. Skeeter: A small lightweight, high – speed outboard hydroplane.  Readily planes with as low as 5hp motors and will take motors up to 10 hp and has done 40 mph and then some with these motors.  Easily constructed and quite inexpensive to maintain.  Ideal for car-top carrying.  7 ft. 10 in. long with a beam of about 46 inches.  One person can move this around since it weights only 85 lbs.

44. Spitfire: One word RACER!  Designed as a class “B” racing craft for competitive or impromptu racing with class “B” outboard motors.  Low center of gravity especially with quickie lower units.  Stepped hull allows the boat to ride on edge of aft.  Boat is not running correctly until daylight may be seen under hull at wide-open speeds!

45. Sports Hydro: Take a friend along in this 14 two-passenger 3-point hydroplane.  Maximum economy with a great appearance- first choice for boat builders who are looking for fast and economy.  Stock 50 hp motors are no problem to get you moving over 50 mph.

46. SPORTSMAN CRUISER:  Adapted to any waters anywhere.  Fast, stable and seaworthy.  General-purpose cruiser for overnight cruises with added convenience of inboard motors.  For inboard motors 15 to 90 hp speeds are 10 to 40 mph.  The length is 18 feet 9 inches with a beam of 6 feet.  Depth is 3 feet 6 inches.  Weight is 1700 pounds with a seating capacity of 4 persons.  Constructed with a wood frame, batten planked sides and lapped bottom.  Semi Vee bottom.  This is a unique cruisette having a combination of runabout and cruiser features but is well adapted for day cruising or short trips almost anywhere.  Includes a complete detail material list.

47. SUN FISH:  Novel bow design on this 375-pound outboard powered cruiserette that permits easy beaching.  It can be transported by trailer easily and has accommodations for two persons for overnight trips.  The bow design allows it to be landed on beaches, which means dry feet for the passengers on embarking.  Construction of Sun Fish is simple.  No difficult joinery work is necessary.  A great boat.

48.  Swift Swoose:  A powered adaptation of Polynesian outrigger boat.  Wide beamed, fast sports catamaran for use on sheltered waters, with outboard motors from 5 to 25hp.  Expect speeds to 45 mph.  Safe due to wide beam.  Length is 10 feet, beam is 5 feet 6 inches, depth is 22 inches, and the complete weight is 150 pounds.  This craft seats 4 persons and its construction is plywood-covering framework.  Best described as a streamlined twin hull shape, with specially designed tunnel to produce lift.  When planning the Swoose rides on only 12 square inches of bottom distributed between both hulls.  Out of all the boats offered on this auction this is the oddest looking craft but she will do up to 45 mph and stable as a church pew.  This one you will want to study.

49.  Torpedo:  This runabout is designed for speedy transportation over protected waters.  A streamlined plywood speedster.  It is easily and inexpensively built with the latest and most improved water and profile designs.  The Torpedo is adapted to use motors from 10 to 30 hp providing fast, safe, and easy riding, with one to four passengers.  The length is 13 feet 6 inches, with a beam of 4 feet 6 inches.  The depth is 22 inches with a total weight of 200 pounds.  The seating capacity is 4 passengers and the construction is1/4 inch plywood over frames.  This boat is a Semi- Vee- Bottom streamlined speedster.  Last this boat will skim over the water at race boat speed.  10 hp and larger are best used on this craft.

50.  Victory:  Designed to serve the requirements of an all around outboard sport runabout.  It is fast, stable, and handles well at all speeds even with different sized outboard motors.  This boat is a semi-Vee bottom streamlined speedster with a total length of either 12 or 14 or even 16 feet long!  The beam is 56 inches for 12-foot boat.  The depth is 24 inches and the boat complete weighs about 200 pounds.  The seating will be for 4 people or more.  Construction is plywood over frames.  This boats hull is fast, stable, handles well at all speeds with different sized motors, and has trim and attractive lines.  Great project for winter work.

51. Yellow Jacket: Designed as a lightweight Class A racing record breaker.  Can also be used with Class B motors at speeds approaching 50 mph.  Can turn at wide-open speeds without tripping.  8 foot long and 47 in. wide.  This boat weights only 100 lbs. and sits one person.  Now this would be a fun boat!

52. Zipper: Well since it has a flat bottom they call it a hydro however you may best describe it as a 8 foot Catamaran ski-boat. A 15-hour project that sits one person.  With speeds up to 36mph using a 18hp motor, take a little 5hp and have fun with this boat.

 The vintage boat plans have come from a variety of magazines sources such as Science and Mechanics Boat Builder’s Handbooks, Boat Builder, Popular Mechanics, Mechanix Illustrated, Boat Builder’s Annual, and How to build boats.




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