Enid Blyton's Adventure series 8 Books Set Collection Childrens Classic Books


For anyone who has been hooked on the Famous Five but is now ready for a new set of adventures, these totally gripping tales are essential reading! Meet Jack, Dinah, Philip and Lucy-Ann - four ordinary children who just happen to stumble upon some truly extraordinary adventures. In one story, the children find themselves in a lonely valley, where there's treasure to be found, but what danger does the valley conceal, and who are the two strange pilots watching them from above? In another exciting tale, when strange lights are seen flashing from a dark castle the children are drawn into a sinister plot concealed within its gloomy underground passages... You won't be able to put these stories down, we guarantee it!


Tiles In Thits Set

The Valley of adventure
The Island of adventure
The Castle of advneture
The Sea of adventure
The Mountain of adventure
The Circus of adventure
The River of adventure
The Ship of adventure