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26 Jun, 2014 13:04:24 AEST
US $2,450.00
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Item specifics

Condition: Brand New Brand: SPI CORP
Image Capture: SD Card full radiometric thermal and visual image Model: RAZ-IR NANO
Video Capture: SD Card Full radiometric thermal video Camera Type: Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera
Imaging Rate: 60HZ full real time thermal imaging Thermal Imager Type: Full Screen Radiometric (Temperature Measurement)
Fusion: PIP with thermal and visual fusion Video Output: NTSC Standard Video Output RCA
Focus: Auto and manual thermal focus adjustment Sensors: Thermal Scope And Visual Camera
Camera Class: Professional Software: RAZ-IR Analyzer full analysis software
Price Reduced Special Purchase Opportunity +FREE SHIPPING! (NO EXPORT)
The RAZ-IR NANO is the premier handheld radiometric thermal infrared camera that combines multispot full screen temperature measurement, thermal and visual imaging, image fusion, thermal and visual image storage, real time thermal video recording, Auto Focus, 60HZ imaging, live to PC image analysis, touch screen control, button control, SD CARD memory, easy to use analysis software, full kit with all accessories. The RAZ-IR NANO is a $5900 thermal imaging machine.
-WARNING- Of course we want you to buy the NANO. But if for some reason you decide to buy something else then PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING. Please don't settle for cheapo cameras that have no features. Don't fall for jailbroken illegally hacked cameras that have no manufacturer support. All the cheapo cameras on Ebay only image at 7.5hz with 80x60 resolution. This is a fraction of 30hz real time imaging. Very jerky image similar to surveillance footage. The NANO is not only real time but a full 60hz. Cheapo cameras dont have the most basic of features like video output or focus adjustment. When they say "focus free" it means that the lens is preset and you have to move closer or farther from the object to get a sharp image. Major kludge. Don't fall for it. Make sure the camera you buy has these standard features and REAL TIME IMAGING. The Nano has video output and records thermal video and has Auto/Manual focus. The Nano has all the features and performance of infrared cameras that cost well over $6000 but you can have one now for less than half the price! You can go cheap and live a life full of regret or you can go for value and never look back. This Nano at this price is the BEST VALUE you will ever see. But, it wont last so get it will you can.

The RAZ-IR NANO Model is a Radiometric infrared camera with impressive specifications normally found on high end thermal imager systems.  The system comes loaded with options and complete with everything you will ever need.

raz-ir nano topuch screen


The modern touch screen with simple intuitive menu controls, makes navigation a breeze.

raz-ir nano remote control


Infrared remote control comes in handy in those tight spots or for demonstration purposes.

raz-ir nano thermal video


60Hz intergrated digital real-time thermal video imaging offers endless possibilities.

raz-ir nano fusion display


Picture-in-picture overlay of thermal image and matching CMOS digital visual image.

raz-ir nano auto focus


Automatic thermal image focus makes it easy to capture the perfect image the first time.

raz-ir nano flip up screen


Modern flip up screen makes it easy to point and shoot images from any angle.

The RAZ-IR NANO infrared camera is the FLIR E series FLIR B series and FLUKE TI KILLER! Get all the features and performance of a $5000 thermal imager for half the price.

  • Crisp detailed thermal imaging
  • Full 60hz REAL TIME thermal infrared camera
  • Visual camera built
  • Fused image technology shows thermal and visual image together
  • Auto or Manual focus control
  • Full screen multi spot temperature analysis with area, line, min, max measurement
  • RECORD THERMAL VIDEO in camera on Memory Card
  • RECORD THERMAL/VISUAL images in camera on Memory Card
  • Touch screen display (with button interface)
  • VIDEO OUTPUT to standard TV monitors
  • USB to PC connection
  • LIVE thermal to PC analysis through USB
  • Advanced analysis and reporting software
  • Full kit with all accessories

Touch Screen Interface

The unique touch screen technology of the RAZ-IR NANO puts advanced thermal
analysis techniques right at your fingertips, leaving old fashioned button technology
in the dirt. In addition to traditional fixed circle and rectangle area selection, the
NANO touch pen lets you trace any irregular outline within the thermal scene.
This smart design makes it easy to get the most uniform and accurate temperature
measurements possible.


thermal horsethermal chipthermal hand printthermal transformer

RAZ-IR NANO Key Features

The RAZ-IR NANO infrared camera comes loaded with the features you would expect from a high-end thermal imager but at a much more reasonable price. The NANO brings future technologies to the world of thermal infrared imaging with an advanced touch screen display, intuitive onscreen menus, thermal imaging autofocus, live real time thermal video recording and advanced thermal analysis software. The compact ergonomic design of the RAZ-IR NANO makes it easy to carry into any situation. The NANO infrared camera is one of the most advanced thermal imaging systems available today at any price. The RAZ-IR NANO offers live thermal video recording, accurate temperature measurement, picture-in-picture display and output, easy touchscreen controls, thermal autofocus, and a complete thermal reporting and analysis software package- all right out of the box and ready to go! The big surprise with the NANO is its affordable price point. Now you can have the latest technology and still see a rapid return on your investment. The RAZ-IR NANO is here and finally thermal infrared imaging makes sense for you.

thermal dogthermal gearsthermal fuses

Feature Details

With an eye to the future and a passion for innovation, SPI brings you the freshest approach to thermal imaging. Building on the traditional capabilities of the RAZ-IR family of thermal cameras, the new NANO leaps forward with an impressive list of innovative features that help generate a return on your investment faster by improving productivity. Thermal auto-focus, articulating touch screen, multiple control layouts, and real time thermal video recording, thermal picture-in-picture, and a durable design are finally avaiable in an affordable infrared camera package.

Touch Screen

The RAZ-IR NANO infrared camera is equipped with an ultra bright LCD with precision touch screen interface.  The touch screen on an infrared camera allows the operator a much greater degree of control over image analysis and menu functions.  In addition, it is a much more intuitive interface than traditional button and menu designs.  However, the Nano is all about choice.  Every function on the infrared camera is available from a variety of inputs including the razor sharp LCD touch screen, on screen menus and dedicated button controls on the camera.  The NANO is ready to work however you want to work.

Infrared Remote

The RAZ-IR NANO infrared camera has an integrated infrared remote control panel. This unique feature lets you use the NANO infrared camera in a variety of applications that are difficult if not impossible with other cameras.  You can easily control all the functions of the infrared camera from a safe distance completely wirelessly with the infrared remote control.  

raz-ir nano thermal video

Thermal Video

60Hz intergrated digital real-time thermal video imaging offers endless possibilities. Do not settle for less. Ever wonder why your expensive thermal camera cannot record video as well as a cheap camcorder? So did we! That's why the new RAZ-IR NANO includes break through integrated digital recording of live thermal video. With the NANO, you can record thermal video onboard to the digital storage medium. You can also record thermal video directly to a PC via USB 2.0. Now you can easily record thermal video and deliver that extra something to in your analysis reports for your clients- giving you a true competitive advantage. NO MORE BLURRY IMAGES!
*Optional lens shown not included.

PIP Technology

The RAZ-IR NANO gives you fully realized picture-in-picture overlay capability. With the NANO you can now integrate the thermal image layer directly on top of the visible image. You can even adjust how much of the each image is visible. The NANO is specially calibrated for precise fused registration of both types of images offering you unparalleled clarity. This advanced, thermal PIP technology gives you a while new way to look at problems and to find the best solution.

Auto Focus

The ultimate in convenience auto focus for your thermal imager. In todays world where every $50 digital camera has auto focus isn't it odd that most infrared cameras do not? We think so that is why the RAZ-IR NANO has integrated thermal camera auto focus.  With the RAZ-IR you give up nothing and get everything.

Flip Screen

The infrared camera incorporates a fully articulating LCD flip screen for imaging in any position thats comfortable for you. The RAZ-IR NANO gives you the choice to work the way you want to work.

Live thermal VIDEO recording lets you document your inspection like never before. Record thermal infrared video right to the cameras memory card. You can also directly connect the Nano to a PC (via USB) and perform real time analysis through the included thermal analysis software.
More about the Large Screen
2GB Removable SD card and internal image storage options. Thermal/visible images (JPEG format), Thermal Video and voice comments are stored on the SD Card or internally for easy download.
More about Image Storage
Touch screen technology. The Nano incorporates an intuitive touch screen interface that you are already comfortable using in todays most popular cell phones. Control all camera functions from dedicated buttons or the touch screen menu controls. The Nano gives you options.
More about Touch Screen
True second generation advanced AUTO-FOCUS technology. Sharp detailed thermal imaging is just a button push away. Use auto focus or manual focus based on your needs.
More about Auto Focus
Integrated CMOS camera provides high resolution visible images alongside your thermal imager. View full screen visual images, thermal images or use the advanced fusion option to overlay the thermal image on the visual image to pinpoint problem areas.
More about CMOS Camera
Universal connections for external AC power, NTSC/PAL video output and USB PC camera interface so you can easily access your data the way that you want to.
More about the Connections
Voice annotation lets you record voice comments in the field and attach them to a thermal and visual image. Now you can keep all your notes organized for later report generation. This model is a new pocket sized addition to the product family. This means you are getting the most up to date technology securing your investment for years to come.
Accurate radiometric temperature measurement up to 482 Degrees lets you acurately quantify the temperature of any pixel in the scene you are viewing. Industry standard consumer JPEG image storage format. No proprietary software needed to view and transfer thermal images to your PC.
Fusion Technology overlays the thermal image onto the CMOS visible image for sensor fusion. Control the amount of blend to best highlight the target area. The World Wide Choice of professionals. Now shipping to destinations around the world. Our Export Team can assist you in international shipments.
The RAZ-IR® family of infrared camera solutions now has an advanced pocket sized solution! In response to feedback from thousands of customers, the new RAZ-IR NANO® thermal imager now includes the advanced features you want. The new NANO® takes pocket size thermal imaging to a whole new level. Never before has such a small and affordable system offered features like; Live Thermal Video recording, Intuitive Touch Screen Interface, Thermal / Visual Image Fusion, Voice Annotation, Video Output, JPEG Image Storage and a Pocket Size Design. SEE what the NANO® can do for you!
Get more for your money and deliver more to your customers with the revolutionary RAZ-IR NANO®. The Thermal Camera thats easy on your pocket AND fits in your pocket!

Universal Connections

The RAZ-IR NANO® connects to your life through universal standard connection ports. Need to run off of vehicle power? Need to capture live thermal video directly to a PC? Do you want to plug the camera into the wall for extended analysis? No Problem! Power the NANO® through long life rechargeable LiOn batteries (2 batteries come standard in the NANO® kit) or external power sources. Want a really big screen view? Easy! Connect the NANO® to common monitors and TV sets using the NTSC video output port. The NTSC video format is the standard format used by your TV set. If you need it the NANO® can even output PAL Worldwide video standard. Need to present your thermal report to a customer or superior? No problem! Produce dramatic thermal video presentations that can be emailed, burned to CD or posted on the web. Time to connect to your computer? The NANO® speaks PC using the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection on every computer. Simply plug the NANO® into your PC and your ready to go. Download images or capture live video direct to your PC. If you just want the pictures in a hurry you can even print the JPEG format images directly to a memory card enabled printer from the NANO® SD card. The NANO® Connects!

Image Storage

The RAZ-IR NANO® is the result of careful analysis and feedback from thousands of RAZ-IR® thermal camera users. The need for image storage options has been addressed on many levels. Internal as well as removeable image storage options are demanded on todays thermal imagers. The RAZ-IR NANO® uses consumer SD memory cards that are readily available at common electronics retailers worldwide. A 2GB SD card is standard with the NANO® and can store thousands of images. A single card can be used for images, thermal video and voice annotation but you also have the option of obtaining additional cards for backup. Some people use a different card for each job. The NANO® gives you choices and you are not limited to just the SD card. In the real world stuff happens. Cards can be lost or left behind. Occassionaly, cards even become corrupt and unusable. Never fear the NANO® has got you covered. In addition to the SD Card image storage the NANO® has an internal image storage capacity that lets you save images (thermal and visual), thermal video and voice comments internaly with no SD Card required. With the RAZ-IR NANO® you will never have to say "I can't finish the job".

Live Thermal Video

Do you want to stand out amongst your competition by deliverying unique high quality thermal reports? Have you ever wanted to document a moving process or scan across a wall without taking multiple images? Have you ever wanted to capture time vs. temperature data or thermal video directly to your PC? Feedback from thousands of users says you do. The NANO® thermal camera answers with a big YES. Once only found on top dollar high end systems, these features are now standard on the NANO®. You can record thermal video in real time live in the field directly to the NANO®. You can connect the NANO® to a PC via USB connection and stream real time thermal video directly to the included Thermal Analysis software.


Does it make sense to have an ultra exotic thermal infrared sensor sitting next to a low quality low resolution visual camera? Of course not. The thermal image is only half the job. A professional report includes both thermal and visual light images of the problem areas. Many cameras look at the visual camera as a cheap afterthought. Not the NANO®. This system boasts and ultra clean 2 Megapixel video sensor. The NANO® automatically saves brilliant visual light images alongside the thermal images for easy report generation. Buying a thermal camera with a low end visual camera is like doing half the job. Don't settle for half a camera get the NANO®.

Modern Touch Screen Interface

With the explosion of todays popular smart phone technologies the touch screen interface has become the standard in technology for human interface in portable devices. Don't you think that your exotic thermal imager should keep up with your cell phone? We do. Thats why the affordable RAZ-IR NANO® has been designed with an intuitive touch screen control interface. However, the RAZ-IR® family is all about options so you are not limited when it comes to a control interface. The onscreen menus of the NANO® can be controlled via the breakthrough touch screen interface or from standard control buttons on the camera. In addition, many common features are directly controlled with a single button push on the thermal camera. You can decide which interface is most comfortable for you to use. Pick the one you like most or use different control options for different jobs based on the particular needs of that thermal application. We give you choices you make the decisions, thats what the NANO® is all about.

Auto Focus

AUTO-FOCUS technology has long been available on consumer digital and video cameras but it is a relatively new feature for thermal cameras. The new RAZ-IR NANO® leverages years of experience in thermal infrared auto-focus to bring you the next generation of infrared autofocus. Unleashing this powerful feature is as simple as pushing a button thanks to the intuitive onscreen menu design of the NANO®. The focus mode gives you three easy options; Focus Near, Focus Far and Auto Focus. You decide which is best for your particular application. Internal focus also means that you can comfortably use the NANO® camera in the field with just one hand. No more reaching around for the manual focus and hunting back and forth for the perfect focus. Now, you can just push a button and zoom right into focus. If you need to adjust the focus its just a simple button push as well. RAZ-IR NANO® Second Generation AUTO FOCUS means less time fiddling with the camera and more time getting the job done!

Accurate temperature measurement is the heart and soul of a good thermal infrared camera. With the RAZ-IR NANO® you get Radiometric Temperature Measurement. Not only do you see visually what is hot and cold in the image but you can also read the temperature of any point in the scene. Simply put the crosshair on the spot that you wish to measure and the NANO® does the rest, in real time. The crosshair is moveable so you can keep everything in the scene that you want to and move the crosshair to the desired point of interest for accurate temperature measurement. The NANO® also provides advanced features allowing you to place multiple spots on the image for real time multispot thermal analysis. The NANO® doesn't stop there. Access high end functions in REAL TIME on the NANO® camera. Draw a line on screen and plot the temperatures along that line. Draw a box and analyze the min, max or average temperature within that area. Draw an irregular shape and perform the same analysis. Use the ISO-THERM function to select a specific temperture range and have that range be colored in a specific color throughout the image. All this is available on the NANO® in real time within the camera itself. If you want to get even more accurate data the NANO® allows you to adjust emissivity, ambient temperature, distance to object and even humidity to further calibrate the temperature data.

Once you find a problem push a button and save the image. Download that image into the RAZ-IR® Analyzer LAB software (included with every NANO® camera) and a world of further analysis options opens up. Every pixel in every image is fully calibrated and contains radiometric temperature data. The NANO® is a full screen radiometric thermal imager. Complex temperature measurement functions such as multiple spot, bounding box, Min/Max/Average, histogram, Delta T and more are easy to implement in the Analyzer software package making your reports look professional and comprehensive. Connect the NANO® via standard USB interface and you can view live thermal video directly from the NANO® sensor in real time within the ANALYZER LAB software. This high end function lets you view, analyze and capture thermal video as well as control the NANO® thermal camera from your PC. The NANO® comes standard with a temperature range of up to 482 degrees so you can measure a wide range of conditions typically found in industrial settings (if your electrical panel is over 482 degrees there's definitely a problem). The NANO® recognizes that each situation is unique. Need to measure higher temperatures? No problem, the NANO® is available with an optional high temperature calibration that lets you measure temperatures up to 662 degrees. Thats Hot!


The RAZ-IR NANO Thermal Camera Kit comes with all the items pictured here, which include:

  • RAZ-IR NANO Professional Thermal Imager
  • Auto Focus
  • Touch screen display
  • Thermal and Visual camera fusion
  • Laser pointer
  • Thermal video recording
  • Video output
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger and AC Cables
  • Soft Case and Heavy Duty Pelican Case
  • Tripod Mount
  • Video Output cables
  • USB Computer Cables
  • 2 GB SD Memory Card and Card Reader
  • Advanced Analyzer Software
  • Lifetime Support, Full 2 Year Warranty

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