AU $36.99

The Scholl Orthaheel range of inserts has been developed to meet a variety of needs.

The pain each person has will be different - it could be heel pain, ball of foot pain, knee pain or even lower back pain. Some people might have problems that are not linked to excess pronation but are caused by diseases such as diabetes or arthritis.

Others may have pain related to sporting activities or to wearing certain types of footwear like high heels.

Helps with,

  • Pain under the heel
  • Pain at the back of the heel
  • Knee pain
  • Positive benefits for some with lower back pain

The ¾ length insert slips into the back of the shoe and runs from the heel along under the arch of the foot, supporting this area. This ¾ length design makes it suitable for most types of shoes whether wide- or slim-fitting.

There is a left and right insert in each pack, and both should be worn even if the pain only affects one side of your body. The inserts stay in place without the need for glue so they can be moved between different pairs of shoes.

EUR    43 - 46
UK Men  9 - 10.5        UK Women 9.5 - 11
US/AU   Men  10 - 12     Women  11 - 13