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17 Oct, 2014 06:24:26 AEDST
AU $24.99
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Cheyenne, WY, United States


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Ruby Send In AU
Other Send-In Services:   Emerald   FireRed   LeafGreen   Sapphire   Ruby   Diamond   Pearl   Platinum   SoulSilver   HeartGold
Send In YOUR own game:
Unlock Pokemon Ruby
Receive: All 386 Pokemon, all Items & Full PokeDex.
Extra: Bonus 34 Pokemon, Legit Event Items and PokeDollars.
Options: Customize your game using Pokedit!
Pokemon Ruby Send In
Easy Process:
1 Purchase the Service.
2 Fill out Send In Form.
3 Send In your game.
4 We load it.
5 We send it back.
Highlights click here for beginners details
All 493 Pokemon included!
Every item at your disposal.
Hoenn & National Pokedex.
34 Bonus Pokemon!
Customize your trainer.
Catch Event Pokemon!
Legit Event Pokemon.
Powerful Move-sets!
Extreme battles.
And much, much more!
→Above are highlights of some of the best bonuses and extras that are included. Scroll down the page for a full description.
The Basics go to advanced details
Loaded onto the game:
→All 386 Pokemon.
→Every single Item.
→Full National PokeDex.
→Plus much more!
1 What is an Unlocking Service?
An Unlocking Service is where you Send In your own game to have it unlocked. We load the game with our custom save data that gives you extras and bonuses that you can't get anywhere else. We then send it back for you to enjoy. ^_^
2 What will this add to my game?
All 386 Pokemon, All Items, a Full National PokeDex and more are added. The game will have everything that you need to become a true Pokemon Master. The file is saved at the very beginning of the adventure, so you'll be able to play through the entire story!
3 How does it work?
After making your purchase you will need to fill out the Send In form. You will include this form with your game when you send the game to us. Click Here to view the full details of how the process works.
> Genuine Product Only: Our special Unlocked Data only works on Official Nintendo Pokemon games. We are unable to load our data onto counterfeit, bootleg or fake copies of the game. In the event that a counterfeit game is sent to us, we will notify you and ship the game back.
> 100% Guaranteed: Our data is made using Professional Development software and is 100% Guaranteed to never corrupt. A Full Warranty is also included for free. Since Game Boy Advance games are region free, your game will work on any Game Boy Advance, SP, Micro, Nintendo DS or DS Lite worldwide.
Real Images!
( Scroll for more images )
Every box is fully loaded.
Rare and Legendary Pokemon.
Powerful items and accessories.
Become a true Pokemon Master!
Advanced Details
1 386 Legit Pokemon + 34 Extra Pokemon. img img img img img
All 386 Pokemon are included on the game. You'll have every individual Pokemon form, every starter and every Legendary (including Pokemon that can only be obtained at Events). There are also 34 extras of some of the most rare and legendary Pokemon. All of the Pokemon will obey from the very beginning of the game.
2 Items, Poke Balls, Berries and More. img img img img
You'll have the maximum amount(x99) of all standard Items, Poke Balls, TMs and Berries. Every HM is included and you'll have the Mach Bike, Red Orb and Blue Orb from the very beginning.
3 Even more Bonuses and Extras included!
A Full Hoenn PokeDex and Full National PokeDex are included. You'll also have 999999 PokeDollars and a legit Eon Ticket.
> Play the whole game: The file is saved at the very beginning of the game. Enjoy playing through the entire adventure with all of the Pokemon, items and other extra bonuses.
> Pokemon Obey: All of the Pokemon will obey you from the very beginning. If you make changes to the trainer using Pokedit then you'll be given all 8 badges to ensure that the Pokemon obey. However, you will still have to beat the gym leaders and get their badges to progress through the story.
> Customize your experience: Using our customizer, Pokedit, you'll be able to customize your trainer's name, trainer's gender, Pokemon levels and Pokemon type.
Real Images!
( Scroll for more images )
Groudon: A supreme champion.
Kyogre: An amazing fighter.
Amazing battles!
Full National PokeDex.
Blastoise: He sure does pack a punch!
Your Pokemon
→The game includes ALL 386 POKEMON which means you'll have a Full Hoenn PokeDex and a Full National PokeDex. At least one of every evolution form, every starter, every Legendary and Pokemon that are only obtainable through Official Nintendo Events.
420 Legit Pokemon:
→All 386 Pokemon.
→All Legendaries.
→Event Only Pokemon.
→34 Bonus Extras!
1 420 Legit Pokemon.
All 386 Pokemon, plus 34 extra bonus Pokemon, are included. All of the Pokemon are legit, so feel free to trade or migrate them.
> 34 Extra Bonus Pokemon List: Deoxys, (3 of them), Jirachi, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Latios, Latias, Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Mew, Celebi, Ho-oh, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert and another 4 more Deoxys!
2 Full Compatibitly.
All of the Pokemon can be traded with any version of Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Sapphire and Ruby. You can also migrate all of the Pokemon to Diamond, Pearl and Platinum on Nintendo DS.
All of the Pokemon are also fully compatible with Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Box on Nintendo Gamecube.
3 Strength, Power and Shiny.
Standard Settings: Every Pokemon is on level 100 (the highest possible) and in their shiny form. All of the Pokemon will have the highest legitimate EVs and IVs. This means that every Pokemon will be at maximum power. They also have their most powerful move sets and abilities.
4 Customizable using Pokedit.
Use Pokedit to make all of the Pokemon levels 5, 50 or 100. You can also choose whether the Pokemon are shiny or not shiny.
Click Here to open Pokedit
5 All Events Unlocked.
Once you have beaten the Pokemon League, you'll have access to Southern Island using the legit Eon Ticket.
Have fun testing your skills!
Real Screenshots!
( Scroll for more images )
A legit Celebi!
Powerful Metagross.
Action battle scene featuring Magcargo!
Suicune: Merge at majestic and power.
Extememly powerful moves!
Your Items & Extras
→The game includes EVERY SINGLE ITEM. You'll also have the maximum amount of every item.
1 Items.
The game is loaded with 99 of every standard Item, Poke Ball, TM and Berry. You'll also have every HM.
Here are just a few examples of the awesome items you'll receive:
( Scroll to see more Awesome Items! )
img Lucky Egg - Boosts the experience gained in battle!
img PP Max - PP Max has the same effect as three PP Ups!
img Rare Candy - Increases a Pokemons level by 1!
img Full Restore - Restores all HP and cures most status effects!
img Max Revive - Revives a fainted Pokemon and restores HP to full!
img Max Elixir - Restores all PP to all moves of one Pokemon!
img HP up - Raises the maximum HP of a Pokemon!
img Protein - Raises the maximum Attack of a Pokemon!
img Iron - Raises the maximum Defense of a Pokemon!
img Calcium - Raises the maximum Special Attack of a Pokemon!
img Zinc - Raises the maximum Special Defense of a Pokemon!
img Carbos - Raises the maximum Speed of a Pokemon!
img PP Up - Raises a move's PP by 1/5 of the move's base PP!
img Max Repel - Stops random battles for 250 steps!
img Escape Rope - Returns you to the entrance of caves and more!
img Exp. Share - Gives experience to Pokemon that didn't battle!
img Leftovers - Continuously restores HP to a Pokemon during battle!
img Everstone - Stops a Pokemon from evolving when holding it!
( Scroll for all Poke Balls! )
img Master Ball
img Ultra Ball
img Great Ball
img Poke Ball
img Safari Ball
img Net Ball
img Dive Ball
img Nest Ball
img Repeat Ball
img Timer Ball
img Luxury Ball
img Premier Ball
( Scroll to see all Berries! )
img Cheri Berry
img Chesto Berry
img Pecha Berry
img Rawst Berry
img Aspear Berry
img Leppa Berry
img Oran Berry
img Persim Berry
img Lum Berry
img Sitrus Berry
img Figy Berry
img Wiki Berry
img Mago Berry
img Aguav Berry
img Iapapa Berry
img Razz Berry
img Bluk Berry
img Nanab Berry
img Wepear Berry
img Pinap Berry
img Pomeg Berry
img Kelpsy Berry
img Qualot Berry
img Hondew Berry
img Grepa Berry
img Tamato Berry
img Cornn Berry
img Magost Berry
img Rabuta Berry
img Nomel Berry
img Spelon Berry
img Pamtre Berry
img Watmel Berry
img Durin Berry
img Belue Berry
img Liechi Berry
img Ganlon Berry
img Salac Berry
img Petaya Berry
img Apicot Berry
img Lansat Berry
img Starf Berry
img Enigma Berry
2 Capacity
There are 99 of every single item which is the maximum amount that the game will let you hold!
3 Legit Eon Ticket and Orbs.
A legit Eon Ticket is included, so you'll be able to access Southern Island. A legit Red Orb and Blue Orb are also included.
Eon Ticket: Southern Island ticket to obtain Latios.
Blue Orb: Required to obtain Kyogre.
It shouldn't be to hard to catch these Pokemon with all of your Master Balls. ;)
Real Screenshots!
( Scroll for more images )
99 of every Poke Ball!
Every single item in the game.
99 of every single berry.
Extemely helpful items.
Key Event Items - Tickets.
Pokedit go to Pokedit
Editting Options:
→Trainer Name.
→Trainer Gender.
→Pokemon's Levels
→Shiny or Non-shiny
→Customizing your game with Pokedit is optional. Your game still comes fully loaded with everything even if you don't use Pokedit. However, Advanced Pokemon Trainers may prefer to customize their game.
1 Customize your Trainer. img img
Edit and choose your Trainer's Name and Gender. If you choose a trainer name other than Ash for a male or Ashley for a female, then you will be given all eight trainer badges.
Trainer Options:
→ Trainer's Name: Choose any name up to 7 characters long.
→ Gender: Choose a Male or a Female character.
Go to Pokedit
2 Customize the Pokemon! img img img img img
Choose level 5, 50 or 100 for all of the Pokemon. You can also choose whether they are all Shiny or Non-Shiny.
Pokemon Options:
→ Levels: Choose level 5, 50 or 100.
→ Shiny or Non: Choose Shiny or Non-Shiny.
Start Customizing!
3 FAQs and Contact Link. img img
Use the Pokedit FAQs for most simple questions related to customizing your game. For more advanced questions, there is a contact button at the top of the editor.
Real Images!
( Scroll for more images )
Choose your trainer's name.
Choose male or female!
Choose Non-Shiny Pokemon!
The Send In Process (step by step)
1 Purchase the Unlocking Service.
Purchase the Unlocking Service by adding it to your shopping cart and then checking out.
2 Fill Out the Send In Form.
After you place your order, you will then need to fill out the Send In Form. There will be a link to the Form after checkout has been completed. Alternatively, you can come back to this page and use any of the Pokedit links. You will need to print this form (or copy the information onto another piece of paper).
3 Mail in your game.
Place your game and Send In Form in a safe package for mailing. Our address is provided during checkout and after filling out the Send In Form. Make sure to package your game securely and then proceed with shipping the game to us (tracking is recommended).
4 We load the game.
Once we receive the game, we will immediately load it with our custom save data (If you have included customizations, they will be added as well).
5 We send it back to you.
It will only take us about 1 business day to have your game ready and back in the mail. And that's the last step! You will be receiving your game back shortly. We hope you enjoy!
Important Information
1 Checkout Instructions.
→If you will not be using Pokedit, then simply place your order like normal.
→You may start using Pokedit before or after placing your order and paying. Your game will shipped back within 1 business day as long as cleared payment has been received.
2 UltraSaves Terms and Policy.
>Intellectual Property:
The data that is included on this game is the intellectual property of UltraSaves Inc. The data may not be distributed or resold.
>Terms and Agreements:
This listing is for the service of loading your game with our special data. The data described in the listing is loaded onto your game as a gift. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to all the terms of this listing. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to use this data for personal use only. The reselling of this data is strictly forbidden.
>Returns and Exchanges:
Your game may be shipped back to be reloaded if there are any problems due on our behalf. There are no returns offered for this item. All items are tested and working before being shipped.
3 Payment, Shipping and more.
Payment must be received within 8 days of the auctions end. Please contact us if you require additional time.
All orders are shipped out within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment. We use high quality shipping materials with plenty of bubble wrap to ensure that your order makes it safely to you.
International orders are welcome. Please allow at least 10 business days for delivery for international orders (from the date that we receive your game). Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.

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