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What are the best criteria to consider when choosing swimwear?

When selecting swimwear online at eBay, it is important to keep the purpose in mind. Swimwear intended for competitive swimming should be a super close-fitting garment in a lightweight woven fabric. For women, the design for racing is a one-piece suit with leggings reaching to above the knee, while men wear body-hugging, knee-length trunks. Moreover, consider how streamlined the design is and how well the fabric resists drag, which the proportions of spandex and nylon determine. Manufacturers also aim to mimic shark skin in their fabric production for its aerodynamic properties.

Considerations for leisure swimwear include degree of comfort, sun protection, and visual impact. Keep quality in mind as well, particularly if the garment needs to consistently withstand the considerable battering that sun, wind, sand, and water all deliver. Several brands, such as Nike, Billabong, and Arena, produce ranges in chlorine-resistant material. Men's swimwear styles vary according to how much leg they cover. They range from long boardshorts made of quick-drying polyester and nylon mixes and shorter loose-fitting swimming shorts to tight briefs made from firm but flexible spandex. On the other hand, women’s leisure swimwear typically takes two forms: the one- and two-piece. Bikinis feature either a strapless or halterneck top, with the latter drawing attention to the bust. A bit more conservative, the tankini, comprised of a singlet and briefs, offers more coverage. Lastly, the one-piece resembles a leotard and may feature tummy-control panels, moulded or under-wired bra cups, adjustable straps, mesh 'windows', and many other useful features.