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Is the Craft Beer craze really for you?

Over the past decade or so, craft beer has become something to celebrate in Australia. While there will always be beer lovers who stick to more traditional brands, others prefer to branch out into the world of craft beer.As with most types of alcohol, finding the best craft beer all comes down to taste. Some drinkers may have a palate that prefers fruitier beers, some may hanker for spicier flavours, while others will love a really malty, hoppy or bitter taste. So if it’s a Pale Ale or a Wheat Beer, a Pilsner or some of the dark stuff, there is certainly plenty to choose from on eBay.

Wine, is it the tipple for you?

Still not interested in Australia’s amber nectar? For some, wine will always be first choice. Home to numerous world-renowned wine regions, Australia sure knows its wine. A chilled glass of white on a balmy summer’s day? Yes, please! A full-bodied glass of red beside the fireplace in winter? Oh, go on then! Check out eBay’s selection of red, white and sparkling wines to discover the best in Australian and international wines. Whether it’s a beautiful Barossa Valley Cabernet, a spicy Hunter Valley Shiraz, or an aromatic Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, there is sure to be something to get those tastebuds dancing.

What should you look for when buying Whisky?

eBay is the perfect place for Whisky lovers or should that be Whiskey? Whether it’s Whisky or Whiskey really depends on the country of the spirit’s origin. A Whisky created in Scotland (or Canada and Japan, for that matter) is always spelled without the ‘e’, while a Whiskey made in Ireland or the United States always includes it.

Depending on the country of origin, there are various types of Whiskies (or whiskeys) created. Scotland produces offerings such as Islay, Highland and Lowland Whiskies, while the United States creates rye, bourbon and Tennessee Whiskeys.Home to a wide range of spirits, eBay offers an array of Whiskies for every palate. Time to get tasting folks!