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Tips for a tidy home.

Washing, dusting and wiping are common to clean your home and eBay has everything from steamers to common household products such as soaps, mops, rags and dusters.

Stylish storage from eBay is also a great way of keeping things neat.

Keeping a hamper in each bedroom will help keep clothing off the floor. If you live in a big house, use laundry bags to make it easier to carry dirty clothes to the laundry.

A shoe rack by your front and back door is a great way for keeping shoes tidy and encourages people to remove shoes before entering your home.

Magazine racks that hold newspapers and magazines are a great way to tidy countertops, coffee tables and living rooms and come in lots of different designs to suit your style of space.

Buying housekeeping products and storage solutions on eBay not only keeps your home tidy but encourages others to adopt the habit of keeping your home tidy.