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Who are some of Australia's top home-grown fashion designers?

The sheer diversity of chic fashion houses allows for an endless degree of wardrobe creativity. Paris, Milan, and New York may spring to your mind when thinking of high fashion clothing, but you can find many trendy brands from down under. Designer Dion Lee is known for his stunning bodycon dresses that leverage neutral tones and clean lines. Strateas Carlucci, winner of a Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award, specialises in avant-garde pieces à la Paris. Khalo sources fabrics from all over the Western world and turns them into aesthetic masterpieces; the designer is particularly known for her luxurious outfits complete with pared-back aesthetics and androgynous silhouettes. Last but certainly not least, Christopher Esber, an expert in texture, makes sure each outfit is both flawlessly woven and one of a kind.

How do I determine my body measurements?

Depending on the item, you may need to measure anything from your upper arms to your knees when buying clothes online at eBay. The ideal tool would be a tape measure, such as one you might find in a sewing kit. You could manage with a retractable measuring tape, but it is less than ideal. Alternatively, use a length of string in combination with the former or a ruler. To begin, ensure the tape measure or whatever you are using is level around your body and parallel to the floor. Keep it flush with your body, but do not depress your skin. To measure your chest and bust, measure directly beneath your breasts and across the centre, respectively, as you would to determine your bra size. As for your waist, measure right above your navel, while for your hips, go around the widest section of your pelvic bones. Moreover, be sure to measure your calves and thighs around the fullest section. Likewise, wrap your measuring tool around your upper arms and forearms at their thickest points. Lastly, be sure to consult a seller's sizing chart to determine the perfect fit.