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Bedroom storage ideas

Dreaming of more space in your bedroom? It’s time to start getting more creative with your storage.

Under the bed is one of the most underused spaces in bedrooms. It is a great place to store rarely used items such as out-of-season clothing. When summer hits, pack away your jumpers and wool socks in a rectangular storage bag and slide it under the bed. These bags, which come in various sizes, also fit well on closet shelves.

Those with smaller bedrooms need to use their room’s height. Hanging storage shelves ensure there is no wasted space between the rack and the floor. They can also make it easier to sort and search through clothing.

If your room doesn’t have enough closet space, you can take care of your storage needs with a combined wardrobe that has a hanging rack and shelving.

Dressers or a chest of drawers both look great and give you more room. An ottoman can also look nice and provide storage. Put one at the foot of your bed for a sitting space that can also hold linen and other items.

Whether it’s a major piece or just a small upgrade, new bedroom furniture and accessories from eBay can give you that extra storage space you need.