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Can you update your wardrobe with just a handbag?

Let’s face it, handbags are an absolute necessity. As well as carrying all of our essentials they’re a great way to make a style statement. They can complete an outfit while at the same time carrying everything we need for the day, from a favourite lipstick to a laptop. It’s fair to say, a handbag can say a lot about a girl. But can it do the job of updating a wardrobe?

Some women simply love handbags. For them, buying new handbags is an essential step in updating their wardrobe. For others, handbags are an affordable way to refresh their closet without having to blow the bank on new clothes or a complete outfit. When done correctly, a handbag or clutch can turn an outfit into a head-turning ensemble. It can add the detail that can transform an outfit to being on-trend in seconds.

So, with that in mind, what’s hot in handbags this summer? Anyone heading out on the town should not leave home without their minimalist clutch. However, for a more casual, everyday look, bucket bags are a must-have. Backpacks are also big this season, as are cross-body bags.

And where can all these fashion essentials be found? eBay retailers such as SurfStitch, Birdsnest, Boohoo, Target and City Beach offer a massive range of handbags online, while brands like Urban Originals, Tony Bianco, Status Anxiety and Hershel should definitely be checked out.

Which accessories should you not live without?

Aside from the indispensable handbag, there are plenty of other essential accessories that can help make an outfit. When it comes to summer fashion there are some items that should simply never be left at home.

An Aussie summer can be harsh on the eyes, which is where sunglasses come in. For the latest sunnies, check out brands such as Le Specs, Sunday Somewhere, VonZipper, Oakley, Komono and Electric. Another summer essential is the hat. For hats that ooze summer style, take a look at what’s on offer at FallenBROKENstreet, Brixton and New Element. Be sure to check out belts and wallets to complete the look.