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What type of handbag suits your style?


A great handbag is worth its weight in gold and sometimes just as hard to find. When shopping for handbags online at eBay, you can find options to suit your personality and aesthetic, not to mention your budget. If you are a casual, relaxed woman, you might consider a hobo bag or tote bag for everyday use. Typically larger in size, hobo bags and tote bags have the capacity to carry everything you need and are generally made of soft, unstructured materials that prove comfortable to carry. For a night out or a more formal occasion when you do not need to bring along much, a handheld clutch or evening bag dresses up an outfit and evokes a sense of glamour. Alternatively, if you need a hands-free option, a cross-body bag or messenger bag with a long strap frees your hands and helps distribute the weight of your bag more evenly as you go about your day.


How do you choose a designer handbag to suit the season?


If being fashionable is one of your priorities, you need at least a couple of different designer handbags and accessories to suit the changing seasons. Throughout the colder months, you are more likely to see women carrying handbags in darker colours, such as brown, black, or navy with complementary accessories, such as scarves, gloves, and hats. Moreover, handbags made with heavier materials, including suede and leather, stand up to adverse weather conditions. During spring and summer, women tend to prefer lightweight materials, such as cotton or canvas, in a much more varied colour palette, including plenty of pastels, bright colours, and florals to match the warmer weather and longer days. The right pairing of material and colour keeps you in style with the seasons, while other considerations like handbag type and style is more so personal preference.