Blu-ray or DVD: which is best?

Both Blu-ray and DVD technology have been around for some time now. And while many people have moved on to movie downloads and streaming, there is still a lot to be said for movies on disc. But which option is better: Blu-ray or DVD?

Blu-ray players can be more expensive than DVD players, but it’s possible to pick one up for under $100. As for Blu-ray discs, they tend to be a few dollars more than their DVD counterparts. For disc die-hards considering buying a new player, there is a lot to be said for Blu-ray. While they can be more expensive, Blu-ray players can play DVDs and Blu-rays, while DVD players can only play DVDs. Anyone who has movies on DVD can still play them on their new Blu-ray player, while investing in new Blu-rays for the future.

While new Blu-rays should always feature 1080p quality, movies made before Blu-ray was released in 2006 have to be converted to Blu-ray format from the original source. In such cases, it’s worthwhile checking whether the Blu-ray has been remastered before buying the movie. Blu-ray and DVD fans can find an extensive range of movies on both disc types on eBay.

How do you find movie memorabilia for the ultimate movie buff?

Movies, movie memorabilia and movie accessories can provide the perfect gift for movie buffs. eBay features a range of movies on DVD and Blu-ray, movie and television memorabilia, and movie accessories, such as 3D glasses.

Movie memorabilia is a huge industry, allowing movie fans to collect merchandise from all their favourite films. For movie fans of particular movies or celebrities, there are endless options to choose from. Check out eBay to find posters and flyers for the movie, apparel, calendars and figurines, as well as rarer items, such as scripts, autographs, props and wardrobe items.