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How can you upgrade your wardrobe with a few essential pieces?


The simplest first step to reinventing your wardrobe is changing a few women's clothing staples. This gives you the opportunity to adapt what you already have and see what new pairings you can come up with. Choose fun separates that you can easily mix and match together. Staple shirts in classic blacks and whites are neutral and tend to go with everything, so it is about finding unique pieces to create equally unique shapes. Tunics, for example, take on a number of shapes, depending on what you wear with them. Jackets in classic black dress up any outfit and create a mature, confident look, but cute prints and bold solids make a stylishly casual statement. If you predominantly wear only one or two specific styles of pants, try a new cut, or stick with the ones you love, but get a pair in a colour you have never tried before.


How should you dress for special occasions?


Formal occasions, such as weddings, cocktail parties, and business dinners, require elegance and class. For a wedding, any colour besides white can work, and knee to floor-length dresses all have a spot at the reception table. As for other style particulars, whether strapless or sleeveless dresses down to heels or open-toed shoes, look to the invitation, season, and time of day as your guide. At a cocktail party, a cocktail dress would never be out of place, but dressy separates, such as an embellished top and tailored pants, fit the scene as well. However, avoid casual fabrics like denim, jersey, and chino. At work functions, you should dress professionally and conservatively. Dress pants topped off with a nice blouse and cardigan or blazer keeps it sleek and simple, while a pant suit and feminine blouse give off an air of confidence.

At more casual occasions, you have more room for error and personality. For events like a friend's birthday, a daytime get-together, or a beach party, put away those fancy dresses and power suits. To celebrate a friend's birthday, say hello to comfortable jeans and plain or graphic T-shirts or whatever you might typically wear on an everyday basis when going out. To dress for daytime, avoid shiny materials or embellishments as well as not skin-tight dresses or tops. Consider light fabrics like cotton and jersey, and have fun with various hues and tones. Colourful sundresses, jumpsuits, and maxi dresses are all appropriate options. For a beach party, slip into comfortable outfits that you can easily take off in case you want to enjoy the water. Choose a billowy dress, shorts, or a skirt with a cute blouse. Lastly, depending on the exact nature of the party or event, it may still call for semi-formal or formal styles, so find out the particulars first before perusing the selection of women's fashion online at eBay.