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Vintage Apple

It’s hard to imagine a time when there were no smartphones. A time when mobile phones made calls, sent texts, and occasionally played Snake. When the iPhone 3GS was launched, the idea of the smartphone was still a fairly new one. The original iPhone was released in 2007, followed by the iPhone 3G in 2008, and then the iPhone 3GS in 2009. People were still getting used to the fact that a phone was now more than a phone. With an iPhone 3GS, they had a tool that could capture photos and video, that could connect to the internet, that could play music. It was all so lovely and new.

These days, all that is taken for granted. Looking back at the awe that was placed on those devices, it’s easy now to have a little chuckle. Ha ha, that’s nothing compared to the smartphones available now. But of course, that is the way of technology. It’s constantly updating, constantly refreshing. Someone who had the original iPhone would probably think the iPhone 7 had surely been built using alien technology. So, is it really worth buying a phone such as the iPhone 3GS today, given there have been so many updates since it was released?

Buying the iPhone 3GS

The value of any device lies in its usability. If someone finds something useful, then surely it is a useful device. While the iPhone 3GS may have been discontinued by Apple, it’s still available to buy on eBay. Why? Well, it’s still a pretty nifty little device. Sure, it doesn’t stand up to the iPhone 7, but it still works as a smartphone, offering a range of features to users who find them useful. Yes, the iPhone 3GS connects to the internet. Yes, the iPhone 3GS works as a communication device. Yes, the iPhone 3GS takes photos and plays music and offers a whole heap of apps (although not all of them will be updateable to the latest version). Interested? Check out eBay to find and compare iPhone 3GS options, along with plenty of other mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and smart watches.