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 Collecting Coins   

Collecting coins can be a fascinating hobby. Coins from all over the globe, from all eras throughout history, can come together in one collection to provide the collector with unparalleled joy and contentment. Thinking of becoming a numismatist? Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, whether that’s coins, banknotes, bullion, or any other type of currency. So, it goes without saying that a numismatist is a collector of coins or currency, or someone who simply studies it.    Just as with almost any hobby, getting into coin collecting really isn’t that difficult. There are no amazing skills needed to start, and neither hand-eye co-ordination or athletic ability ever become an issue. What matters most is having an interest in it. For anyone who has a fascination for coins – about where they came from and why they were minted – collecting coins can be a great way to spend free time. A numismatist’s kit isn’t too complicated either. If possible, invest in a magnifying glass with decent magnification, as this will help to properly identify coins. Having a solid, secure place to store and display collected coins is also handy. Lastly, some research is needed. Find out more about coin collecting and which coins to collect by reading up online or in the library.   

Australian Coins   

The key to creating an excellent coin collection is to know what to collect. While many numismatists may start off collecting any old coin, over time, it can be a good idea to narrow collections down according to fields of interest or theme. For many coin collectors, that means collecting Australian coins only. Studying Australian coins can provide an extremely interesting look into Australian history. A coin by itself doesn’t say much at all, but a collection of coins can provide valuable information about a society and how it functioned throughout the years.   Searching for Australian coins? The place to be is eBay. With a huge range of Australian coins on offer, eBay features Australian decimal coins and Australian pre-decimal coins in a wide selection of styles. Check out coins from the 1940s, 1950s, 1980s, 1990s or 2000s, or select by composition, whether that’s bronze or copper, gold, silver or nickel.