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When you want to explore the wilderness (and yourself!) in a new and exciting way, hiking and camping gives you the chance to see more of the natural world. When you extend your day of exploration to nightfall, it can be an overwhelming experience.

One of the additional challenges of hiking and camping at night is that your vision can be impaired, and there are no city lights or streetlamps to light the way should you get lost. It is therefore important to come prepared with the right camping gear. One of the most important items you can take with you is a head torch.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert backpacker, a little experience goes a long way in preparing yourself for coping with the additional challenges at night. Ideally, a quality head torch will have long life duration so you don't need to change batteries halfway through the trek. The difference between electronic torches and head torches is that the latter allows you to complete activities that depend on having your hands free. Furthermore, a flashlight can get heavy in your hands and a fall could result in dropping the flashlight, sometimes down a hill or crevice. A head torch that is firmly wrapped around your head eliminates these potential problems from occurring.

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