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When you're away on a road trip in your caravan, there are times when you want to get out in the open air and relax. With the sun's rays directly beaming over you, this can get quite uncomfortable and hot. If you need some shade when parked, from the rain or the sunshine, invest in a caravan awning.

Practical and functional, caravan awnings also add to the side of the caravan, giving extra accommodation without having to buy a bigger sized caravan. An added bonus is that most caravan accessories are lightweight, making them easier to stowaway and carry when not in use.

There are many types of caravan awnings, so finding the right one to suit your needs, budget and vehicle is crucial to getting the most out of your shading. A free-standing style looks similar to a tall tent with four covered walls. Alternatively, a leaning porch uses one side of the caravan as one of its four walls. There are also two other types, known as an annex and sun canopy - as the name suggests, the annex is a structure that can be used to extend several other awnings, and the sun canopy has just a roof with no walls. It is important to research your caravan so you can make a confident, accurate purchase when the time comes to buy an awning.

If you're looking to buy a caravan awning, look no further than eBay. There is a large selection of caravan parts and accessories at affordable prices you won't find in store. You can select by material - cotton, acrylic and polyester - by brand or by colour. On a budget? You can separate the offers by choosing second-hand items. Place a bid or buy outright to get your hands on the best deals on awnings for caravan motorhomes in Australia.