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The Wonder of Digital

Capturing the perfect shot has never been easier with the awesome range of digital cameras now available. With the advancement of digital technology, photography has become something everyone can get into. Back in the day, serious photographers had to have access to their own dark room, while amateur photographers had to traipse all the way to the store to get their films developed. Even then, the shots tended to be pretty average. Now, even standard digital cameras – such as the point-and-shoot – can capture spectacular shots. For shots that aren’t that spectacular, there are easy-to-use apps that can be used digitally manipulate and enhance. Then, simply use a photo printer to print them at home – or share them with the world via social media.

Looking at Features

Yes, smartphones have some pretty terrific cameras nowadays. But for most keen photographers, a smartphone camera could never replace the real thing. The key to choosing a digital camera is to look at the features it offers. For some people, a point-and-shoot camera is more than enough. It lets them take amazing photos, without having to put in any serious effort. For those who want to get more out of photography, and perhaps develop their photographic skills, a digital SLR could be a better option. With a DSLR there are various lenses to try out, filters and flashes to play with, and accessories to invest in.   Choosing the right camera also means thinking about the kind of photography it does best. An action camera would be perfect for photographers who capture action shots, while an underwater camera is great for scuba diving and snorkelling adventures. A DSLR can be very adaptable, allowing the photographer to change lenses to capture everything from portraits and landscapes, to wide angle and macro shots. However, the quality of the photographs it produces will depend on the quality of the brand, the model and the lens. Just as an entry-level DLSR would not suit a professional photographer, a professional DSLR and lenses would not suit a beginner.   Looking to invest in a digital camera? Featuring the most trusted brands, eBay is the home of photography, offering camera buyers a huge range from the likes of Canon and Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. Check out popular options such as the Canon EOS and Canon PowerShot, as well as the Nikon D, Panasonic LUMIX and Sony Cyber-Shot.