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There's no escaping it, the stovetop is one of the most useful pieces of kit in the kitchen. It's thanks to the stove that we can do most of our simple, everyday cooking tasks, and nowadays we are lucky to have a range of fast, efficient and safe cooktops to use atop them.

With so many different types available, it's important to bear a few things in mind when you are considering what sort of cooktop to purchase:


Make sure the space you have available matches the sort of cooktop you are interested in. If you have a wide space, large family and lots of large cookware, you'll most likely need a more spacious cooktop than one person with a small kitchen would. This should also help you decide how many burners would suit you best. Try to leave plenty of space for that new cappuccino machine or blender you've been eyeing up.


Have a think about your safety requirements. Traditional gas stove tops, although useful, aren't always the safest if you have children running around. Induction electric stoves, with their innovative heating system, only produce heat when a pan is detected, cool down almost immediately and have no flames. This can offer a bit more peace of mind while cooking. Child lock features are also available from some manufacturers.


If you like your kitchen to be squeaky clean at all times, a flat ceramic or ceramic glass electric stove top may just make your life a little bit easier. The smooth surfaces are much quicker to clean, and precious time isn't wasted cleaning around the burners. Better still, as induction stove tops only transfer heat to the pan, food doesn't bake on to the cooktop, which saves much more time on scrubbing.

Energy Efficiency

It's important to consider energy efficiency when choosing a new cooktop. Induction stove tops are slightly more expensive, but are more efficient than other options, and could save you money in the long haul as well as helping out the planet.

With these factors in mind, you should be on track to making a purchase that works perfectly for you. Check out the range of ceramic, glass and stainless steel cooktops available on eBay!