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Flexible Solar Panels

Our biggest, cleanest energy resource is the sun. Dirt cheap, with a low carbon footprint, solar energy is the way of the future. We already use the sun for drying our clothes, for growing food and to power our food dehydrators , for treating and heating water, and for generating electricity. In fact, every year, the sun gives us ten thousand times the energy than Australians typically consume. But what if you don't have a flat surface suitable for solar panels ? What if you want to travel and charge your devices in a portable manner? Then it's time for you to check out eBay's range of lightweight, flexible solar panels.

While flexible solar panels have slightly less efficiency than traditional fixed solar panels, they certainly make up for this in their more portable nature. They're perfect for camping, caravans, other vehicles, rapid transport, and use in emergencies. Their flexible nature means they can be glued directly to a surface where weight may be an issue.

There are two main types of lightweight solar panels. Amorphous silicon panels are used in the most flexible solar panels. They're non toxic and usually encased in polymer. Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) panels are slightly more efficient than amorphous panels, but they're also slightly less flexible and contain more toxic materials. Under normal use, they do not release toxins and are safe to handle as normal. However, they should be disposed of properly. Be aware that if a flexible solar panel comes with an aluminium frame, the aluminium will need to be bent to match the surface you're attached the panel to. Solar panels work best with air flow, so while gluing your lightweight solar panels is a quick and easy installation, it may not be the most efficient choice. Panels may range from 10 - 250 watt. Check out the available flexible solar panels on eBay to utilize the hottest source of energy this side of Mars.