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Not just for spy movies, GPS tracking devices are great for keeping tabs personal items you lose often, like your keys, or items that may get stolen. GPS trackers can also be great business tools especially for operations, freight and transport companies who need to keep track of their vehicles and fleet.

Before start shopping for GPS tracking devices, it's important to know how they work so that you can buy the right one for your needs. These handy little transmitters are normally attached to a car, moving vehicle or a personal item. They use powerful GPS technology to track the precise location of the unit and the item it's attached to, this information is sent to the owner of the tracking device and placed over a map for easy location.

There are many different makes and model of GPS tracking devices available on eBay for a range of different purposes. If you misplace your phone, wallet or keys often then a small GPS tracker could help you locate misplaced items in minutes. These small devices connect to your phone using bluetooth and will direct you to your item using the maps function on your device. This type of GPS tracking device is also often placed on collars so that you can keep tack of your pets and ensure they don't get lost.

Many people install vehicle trackers as a safety precaution against theft. These powerful yet small GPS tracking devices have a long range and usually connect to a mobile network. There is a wide range of GPS tracking devices available on eBay, as you browse make sure the GPS tracking device can be attached safely or wired into to your motorbike, car, boat or truck. once you've purchased a GPS tracker, make sure you've got the right electronic accessories to make the most of it. For in car navigation that uses the same technology as GPS tracking devices, browse the selection of GPS navigation systems on eBay.