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Merlin Garage Door Remotes

You're driving home late one night. It's bucketing rain. You're exhausted. You can only think of getting inside and snuggling up in your warm, cosy bed. There's only one problem. There's been a spate of car thefts in your area so it's imperative that you put the car in the garage. And now, you can't find your Merlin garage door remote. The last thing you want to do is get out in the freezing rain to open your garage door , or, even worse, scuffle around looking for a dropped garage door remote .

With eBay's range of Merlin garage remotes, you'll never have to see that haunting experience play out. Merlin garage door remotes are small, convenient, and secure with encrypted technology. With a long range and a variety of models to pick from, your garage door is sure to open every time you need it, and then close again securely behind you.

Depending on the Merlin garage remote model, you may be able to open one or more doors from a single remote. Rolling code technology helps to prevent replay attacks or major interference by thieves. Your remote control may come with a key ring, included battery, sunvisor clip or other accessories. Typically black and green or grey and blue, Merlin garage door remotes come in a range of styles and colours. Make sure instructions are included with the model you purchase, so that the coding or programming is swift and simple. The exact process depends on the model and brand purchased. If your remote utilizes dipswitch technology, and you still have your original remote, you can remove the battery cover to reveal twelve switches. Match the configuration of the old switches to your new remote, and you're ready to go, all thanks to the great range of Merlin garage remotes available on eBay.