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  • The Straggler by Agnete Holk HC DJ First Edition (1954)

    Here translated for the first time from Danish. The Straggler. Agnete Holk. The Book Mill of the Yarra Valley. 1st English Edition. We love good books and the opportunity to share that passion with you.
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  • NEW Wilde Stories 2015: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction

    Editor Steve Berman has been collecting the finest stories in the field for nearly a decade. Subject: Gay & Lesbian / Literature & Fiction / Fiction / Gay. of pages: 214. Publish date: 18-Jul-2015. Publisher: Lethe Press.
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  • The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame

    This revised and expanded edition includes 16 new pages with never-before-seen images and an introduction by celebrated novelist and biographer Edmund White. of pages: 288. Format: Hardcover. General Interest.
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  • NEW Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak

    Wonders of the Invisible World. Title: Wonders of the Invisible World. Now, Aidan must find his way between the past and the present to protect those he loves, and to keep the invisible world at bay.
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  • NEW The Accidental Marriage: A Novel by Roger B. Thomas

    The Accidental Marriage: A Novel. Title: The Accidental Marriage: A Novel. Author: Roger B. Thomas. When Megan's situation unravels, Scott must step up to responsibilities he's never assumed before. Then his circumstances start to crumble, and a series of misfortunes strip them of everything but each other.
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  • NEW The Fall of Princes: A Novel by Robert Goolrick

    This is the story of young men, princes all. Too much money. Too much freedom. They thought it would never end. For some, it was tragic; for others, it was the simple but bruising act of yielding to a life of mediocrity.
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  • Patience and Sarah by Isabel Miller, 1st Ed, HC DJ, A Place For Us, Lesbian Love

    Published by Rupert Hart-Davis. 1st UK Ed, 1st printing. Hard cover with dust jacket. Copy in VGC, very light edge wear, crisp and clean throughout. Handsome copy. Like new: A book in excellent condition.
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  • NEW The Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories by Various

    The Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories. In between there is every imaginable kind of gay story written by every imaginable kind of writer—gay and straight, male and female—all illuminating the common ground of the gay male experience and its astonishing diversity.
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  • NEW The City of Devi: A Novel by Manil Suri

    The City of Devi: A Novel. A dazzling, multilayered novel that not only encompasses a searing love story but, with its epic reach, encapsulates the fate of the world. She is convinced that the fruit holds the key to reuniting her with her physicist husband, Karun, who has been mysteriously missing for more than a fortnight.
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  • NEW The Absence of Space and Time by Christopher S. Sarno

    The Absence of Space and Time. At twenty-two, Justin’s life was just beginning. He was bright, attractive, and gay, but less than enthusiastic about where he was heading. Desperate for a change, he followed a calling that landed him in the industrious city of Atlanta.
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  • NEW The Suicide of Claire Bishop: A Novel by Carmiel Banasky

    Greenwich Village, 1959. Haunted by the painting, Claire is forced to redefine herself within a failing marriage and a family history of madness. Shifting ahead to 2004, we meet West, a young man with schizophrenia obsessed with a painting he encounters in a gallery: a mysterious image of a woman’s suicide.
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    What’s worse is Tessa’s decision to wear a tastefully tailored tuxedo to escort her female crush, sparking a firestorm of controversy. Lucas must decide if he should stand on the sidelines or if he should stand by his friend to make sure that Tessa Masterson will go to prom.
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  • NEW The Children of Gavrilek by Julie Kirtón Chandler

    While in the care of this unique group and its beautiful and loving leader, Kendis, Audrianna comes to discover the secrets of her son's cognitive powers, his (and Kendis's) otherworldly origins, and an enthralling, Earth-changing "game" that threatens the existences of both the alien descendants of Gavrilek and the unsuspecting inhabitants of Earth.
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  • NEW The Language of Hoofbeats by Catherine Ryan Hyde

    The Language of Hoofbeats. New to a small town, Jackie and Paula envision a quiet life for their kids: a young adopted son and two teenage foster children, including the troubled Star. However, they quickly butt heads with their neighbor, Clementine, who disapproves of their lifestyle and is incensed when Star befriends her spirited horse, Comet.
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  • NEW The Other Sides of Howard Cruse by Howard Cruse

    The Other Sides of Howard Cruse. Howard Cruse has been producing amazing, ground-breaking comics for nearly 40 years. From his light-hearted BAREFOOTZ strips to biting political satire, to his take on Nancy and Little Lulu, this volume brings you the work of one of the most powerful communicators in the history of comics.
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  • NEW The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell by William Klaber

    The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell. Title: The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell. Author: William Klaber. At a time when women did not commonly travel unescorted, carry a rifle, sit down in bars, or have romantic liaisons with other women, Lucy Lobdell boldly set forth to earn men's wages.
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  • NEW In the Shadow of the Rock by Hans Hansen

    The seagull wheeled and dived above the boy in the early orange glow of a Durban morning. Its mournful cry, like a lost soul in torment, seemed to set it apart from its kind. Hans heard and understood for he, too, felt different from his fellows - he already suspected that he was gay.
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  • USED (VG) Harlan's Race: A Novel by Patricia Nell Warren

    Harlan's Race: A Novel. Title: Harlan's Race: A Novel. Author: Patricia Nell Warren. Meanwhile, Harlan's ordeal with bias and bloodshed is not over. Snipers often work in pairs, and the Montreal shooter evidently had a cohort who escaped arrest.
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  • USED (GD) Sure of You by Armisted Maupin

    Sure of You. The author brings "Tales of the City" to a conclusion, as the former tenants of 28 Barbary Lane take up the challenge of the 1990s. The previous novels in the series are: "Tales of the City", "More Tales of the City", "Further Tales of the City", "Babycakes" and "Significant Others".
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  • NEW The End of the World Book: A Novel by Alistair McCartney

    The End of the World Book: A Novel. This is no ordinary novel. An encyclopedia of memory—from A to Z—The End of the World Book deftly intertwines fiction, memoir, and cultural history, reimagining the story of the world and one man’s life as they both hurtle toward a frightening future.
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  • USED (GD) Faith for Beginners: A Novel by Aaron Hamburger

    Faith for Beginners: A Novel. Title: Faith for Beginners: A Novel. Author: Aaron Hamburger. Funny, erotic, searingly insightful, and profoundly moving,Faith for Beginners is a stunning debut novel from a vibrant new voice in fiction.
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  • NEW After the Parade: A Novel by Lori Ostlund

    After the Parade: A Novel. Sensitive, big-hearted, and achingly self-conscious, forty-year-old Aaron Englund long ago escaped the confines of his Midwestern hometown, but he still feels like an outcast.
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  • NEW Death and Mr. Pickwick: A Novel by Stephen Jarvis

    Death and Mr. Pickwick: A Novel. And Boz, as the young Charles Dickens signed his work, became, in the eyes of many, the most important writer of his time. The fate of Robert Seymour, Mr. Pickwick's creator, a very different story-one untold before now.
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  • USED (GD) Fellow Travelers: A Novel by Thomas Mallon

    Fellow Travelers: A Novel. Title: Fellow Travelers: A Novel. It is Thomas Mallon's most accomplished and daring novel to date. Author: Thomas Mallon. Into this fevered city steps Timothy Laughlin, a recent Fordham graduate and devout Catholic eager to join the crusade against Communism.
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