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 Forget diamonds – a makeup bag is a girl’s best friend. Whether you are a cosmetic aficionado or a qualified makeup artist, you will need to carry your most prized possessions – that is, your makeup – in a secure bag.   When you own 11 mascaras, 25 different eye shadow shades, and no less than 40 lipsticks and lip stain products, you need to think about putting them in a supportive and strong cosmetic bag or case. After all, your products are more than just an investment – they’re a lifestyle. Not only will they be more organised, but they will be easy to carry around with you wherever you go. However, not all bags are created equal, so you need to find the right product that will suit your needs and budget.  Varieties of makeup bags  

At-home cases: These are your general makeup bags that fit just the essentials: your foundation, mascara, a shade of your favourite lipstick, eye lash curler, and eye brow brush. The idea is that you’ll have already put your primer and concealer on before you leave the house, so you only take what you need to touch up during the day.  Travel bag: Available in a small size or large, travel bags are what you use while you are on the road for a job, or even extended vacations. Many of these come with locks and compartments to divide your makeup categories neatly.  Professional case or box: These look more like a trolley than anything else, and have many compartments for the hundreds of cosmetics they have. This type of style is reserved for qualified, working makeup artists who often travel to meet their clients.  Micro-cases: These are tiny and designed to carry only one item, such as foundation makeup or a lipstick. Providing discretion in a stylish compact bag, they are suitable to hide in even the slimmest of purses.  Most women will need several variations of a makeup bag for different situations. Shop online on eBay today for the biggest range of makeup bags in Australia. Search by type, material, or even limited deals to get the best prices on quality stock.