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The Perfect Gift?

Looking to buy that perfect gift? For gift buyers somewhat stumped for ideas, perhaps a novelty kitchen apron could be the way to go. While it’s doubtful the recipient will gush, saying how it’s the very best present they’ve ever been given, it might put a cheeky smile on their face. And who knows? Maybe they do actually need a new kitchen apron. So, what kind of novelty kitchen aprons are out there?

Novelty kitchen aprons – while wide-ranging and varied – usually stick to a theme. One of the best known type of novelty kitchen apron would have to be the ‘body’ apron. Designed in such a way that the body pictured on the apron looks like the body of the apron wearer, these types of novelty kitchen aprons are usually a big hit. For men, these aprons can make the wearer look like Batman or the Hulk, or perhaps more often, like a semi-dressed muscly model. Think Magic Mike. For women, aprons will often feature the female form in varying stages of undress, sometimes dressed as a French maid, sometimes in just undies. Looking for a Christmas present? There are plenty of novelty kitchen aprons that feature Mrs Claus’s body looking pretty darn hot in a bikini, as well as other Christmas themed options.

Buying Novelty Kitchen Aprons

Whether it proudly commands passers-by to Kiss the Cook, or whether it features something a lot more questionable within the realms of good taste, novelty kitchen aprons can be great as a gift. Looking for options? With the extensive kitchen and dining linens range, eBay features an excellent selection of kitchen aprons, including the novelty variety. Shop by material or by style to find brand new and used options that are sure to put a smile on any face that sees them.