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  Enjoying Paintings   

As with any type of art, when it comes to painting, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. While fine art will always be fine art, while there will be hot new artists creating hot new works of art, the only important factor when looking at art is enjoyment. Some people find enjoyment from looking at a painting in-depth, discussing what the painter may have meant with this brush stroke or that brush stroke. Some people find enjoyment discovering more about the background of the painting, looking at why the painter chose to create it, and what effect the painting may have had on society.    Some people love the discord certain paintings can create. A single painting may provoke feelings of love within one person and hate within another – and this creates discussion. On the other hand, some people enjoy paintings simply because they look pretty, they are aesthetically pleasing, they features wonderful colours. But, none of these people are right or wrong, because with art, there is no right and wrong. No matter why people appreciate a certain work of art, no matter why people love a certain painting, no matter why people find enjoyment from a certain painter’s work – above all, it’s art, and that’s what it’s there for.   

Subject and Style   

Choosing paintings to hang at home can be tricky. Finding something that fits the design of the house, and the room in which it will be hung, is difficult enough. Finding something that will be enjoyable to look at day after day, for years to come – now that, that is the real challenge. When searching for paintings, eBay is a great place to search, compare and buy online. With thousands of paintings to choose from, eBay features a vast range of styles of painting, covering everything from impressionism to realism, abstract to art deco. Subjects also vary greatly, allowing buyers to find beautiful works featuring botanical and animal subjects, landscape and seascape subjects, and a whole lot more. From framed and unframed works, to original and reproduction paintings, it’s all here on eBay.