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iPads and Tablets

Similar to the smartphone, the tablet has become one of those everyday devices that many people couldn’t imagine living without. While Apple started the tablet craze with the iPad, there is now a whole heap of different tablets from big name brands. From Samsung and LG, to Lenovo and Microsoft, there are tablets to suit all needs, in all shapes and sizes. There are even tablets designed for kids to play on, with some of the best-known offerings coming from educational brands such as LeapFrog.   Looking to buy a new tablet? There are many things to think about before investing in a new tablet. One of the most important is often compatibility. In the big bright world of Apple, most Apple products are designed to be compatible. Whether that means plugging an iPad in to a MacBook Air to upload music from iTunes, or sharing photos using AirDrop between an iPhone and a MacBook Pro. For Apple-lovers, it often makes sense to choose another Apple product like the iPad. But for those who want to branch out, there are loads of options to choose from. Check out features such as screen size and resolution, storage capacity and colour, internet connectability and processor type. Ready to compare options? eBay is so totally the place to be.

eBook Readers

Okay, yes, tablets can also be used to read books, whether using the Kindle app, the iBooks app or any other reading app. However, many people prefer to use an eBook reader – also known as an eReader – to read day-to-day. Depending on the eBook reader in question, they can offer certain advantages over a standard tablet.    One of the most important of which is the use of e-ink rather than a backlight. What does this mean? Most tablets are backlit, allowing them to be seen under any lighting condition. However, this can cause strain on the eyes, especially over long periods of time. Using e-ink, eReaders can be easier on the eyes and more comfortable to look at while reading. Another important aspect is battery life. Because there is so much going on in a tablet – internet, apps, camera, games, video – its battery can run low pretty fast. While some tablets offer a battery life of around ten hours, eReaders can last for weeks without needing a charge.