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The Value of Vintec

Anyone who knows and loves wine, understands the importance of proper wine storage. When buying a good bottle of wine, most people would prefer to have the bottle age well, so that when they come to drink it, it is better – not worse – than when they bought it. So, what is the best way to keep wine at its best? Creating an underground wine cellar, of course. Storing wine at a perfect temperature, out of humidity and away from UV light, an underground cellar allows wine to age well, avoiding the dreaded denaturation in the finest of drops. 

For those who perhaps don’t have the space – or the money – to build a wine cellar, there are other options available. Wine cabinets can help to recreate the same kind of conditions produced in a wine cellar, allowing wine lovers to store and preserve their favourite bottles in the best possible way. Danish-design Vintec wine cabinets are some of the best in the business, with a selection of wine cabinets that range from small, under-bench options that store up to 30 bottles, to large walk-in cellars that can house up to 3000 bottles.

Buying Vintec Wine Cabinets

Want to invest in a Vintec wine cabinet? eBay is the place to be. Featuring a wide range of Vintec wine cabinets – sometimes called wine fridges – eBay has brand new and used options for easy wine cellaring at home. Why not a wine fridge? While fridges are good in the short term, cooling sparkling and white wine to drink, traditional refrigerators don’t do a great job of cellaring wine in the long term. Wine cabinets, on the other hand, eliminate temperature variations to avoid denaturation of wines, maintaining humidity to stop corks from cracking, while keeping harmful UV light at bay.