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Good value83% agree

Long battery life66% agree

Small form factor60% agree


The iphone, do i need to say more?

One of the best mobile phones you can get. Very user friendly and has so many apps that allow this mobile to be one of the most versatile products in the market. Even though it is an out of date model by apple iphones for the price you can currently buy it for you really does provide great value for your money.

The only issues that come into mind are;
- Sometimes the iphone may glitch with some programs, but definitely not a major issue at all.
- battery life could drain pretty fast depending on how much you use the mobile and what you do with it. Having said that, as I charge my mobile daily there has never been a situation where my mobile has ran out of batteries by the end of the day (take into account that I use teh mobile A LOT). Or simpily get a attachable external battery as I have heard they are very effective.
- And finally, the reception on the iphone (at times) isnt very superior. But it is not as bad as it sounds.

All in all great mobile, you HAVE to use it to understand how great and diverse this mobile is. Got mine stolen (no surprise) and bought the exact same model here on ebay. Probably would never switch to a different mobile producer again, yep, thats the impact it has had on me!
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re iphone

light and easy to use thanks

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The BEST mobile phone you can get!

The Iphone 3gs is nothing short of awesome!! It has so many features & applications that make life so easy. It does take a bit of getting used to but so does any new mobile u get!! Just spend some time playing with it & u'll have it sussed in no time!!!Read full review...


Only buy the genuine Apple iPhone!

Ebay is a great place to buy an iPhone because the site offers second hand goods in perfect working order at a cheaper price than brand new and sometimes they are unlocked allowing you to put any sim card in them.

The genuine iPhone allows you to purchase apps only avalible on the Apple iPhone such as Tower Defense, eventually this game may arrive on the android market. There is a difference in quality to the generic/fake iPhone, the fakes with dual sim cards fail and ARE NOT user friendly, (i know beacuse I bought one and had to get a refund!) The iPhone is Highly reccomended!!! Dont waste your time with other brands of phones or fakes!
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Excellent phone. All owners are happy. I'll buy more.

I've bought two, despite the fact that the battery life is an issue. I have all apple products here so I just make sure all are charging when not away from home. I am about to buy another and perhaps a fourth at a later date. My granddaughters are thrilled that we can stay in touch with each other and their Granny and can play games, use the camera and video, play music and stories. The phone is always with us and frankly, with iOS upgrades, there are no worries about compatibility and syncing with our home and on-the-move communication equipment. One more granddaughter to join the circle right now and two more in a few years time.Read full review...


Recycling with benefits

My last iPhone developed a faulty ringer switch. this phone replaced it. Ten minutes at the service provider Shop for a new SIM card and a connection to ITunes for an update and everything was back working!

Plus the old phone is now being used as a music player!

Much cheaper than going to a repairer .

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Great A++++

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dont know why I waited so long.

Very happy with this product,it is my first smart phone and although I am 67 years old I still enjoy the technology and am not bothered by it.


Fabulous product with terrific features!

I purchased this product for my teenage daughter who just loves it! The product has fantastic features and operates beautifully. My daughter is thrilled and a very proud owner.

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