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0.75HP Pool and Spa Pumps

A swimming pool or spa without a pump will very quickly become stagnant and choked with debris. Fitting a high-quality, appropriately-sized pump is essential for maintaining a clean pool.

Pool Pumps

A pool pump is the beating heart of your pool’s filtration system. It draws water in through the main drain and skimmer drains, forces it through the filters and heating systems and then drives it back out into the pool again. The filters clean the pool water of debris and the constant recirculation of water ensures that added chemicals like chlorine are distributed evenly. Proper pumping and filtration produces a pool that is clean, clear and safe to swim in.

Spa Pumps

A spa pump carries out the same function as a pool pump, but is designed to function as part of a hot tub filtration system. Spa pumps may also have an additional function. Combined pumps do not just drive the water filtration system, they also power the jets. These pumps may have two or more power settings to provide different jet levels. This is not universal, though, as some hot tubs have separate filtration and jet pumps.

In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

Typically, in-ground 0.75hp pool and spa pumps are used for in-ground pools, while above-ground 0.75 hp pool and spa pumps are used for above-ground pumps. The reason for this is the difference in priming. In-ground pumps are self-priming, and therefore able to be set above the water line as they can lift the water by suction.They are also capable of achieving a higher flow rate, and so are more suitable for larger pools. Above-ground pumps are set below the water line and rely on gravity to force water into the pump.

How Much Horsepower?

The size of pump that you need depends on the size of your pool. An undersized pump will not clean the pool effectively, while an oversized pump will use energy unnecessarily and potentially overload the rest of your filtration system. In fact, flow rate is at least as important as horsepower. The correct pump for your pool is one that can turn over the pool’s entire capacity around every eight hours. A low horsepower pump or a pump with variable speed will be more energy efficient than a higher-powered pump, and therefore cheaper to operate.

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