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1.5 HP Pool and Spa Pumps

A pool is one of the first places you might consider visiting on a hot day. Unless essential equipment is in place, such as a 1.5 HP pump, to circulate the water, there's little chance you'll be swimming. A pump circulates chemicals evenly throughout the pool to keep water clean and free from bacteria. Furthermore, it helps distributes water through the filter to remove debris and other impurities. When used with a hot tub in a spa setting, the pump mixes hot water and chemicals in a similar fashion. These pool and spa workhorses are available in several types and speeds along with other equipment to keep the water in pristine condition, whether cooling off or relaxing at a day spa.

Pump Types

In addition to standard pool pumps that circulate and clean water, booster pumps are used with automatic cleaning systems. The pool pump must be running for the booster pump to work, and once it's hooked up via a direct line to the cleaner, the two work simultaneously to clean the pool. In addition to these pumps, pool filters capture small pieces of dirt and debris from the pool or hot tub


A single speed 1.5 HP pool and spa pump uses the most energy unless you turn off the pump when not using the pool. A two-speed pump is the best choice for a spa because you can adjust the speed, depending on whether you want to filter the water or use the jets. Furthermore, a variable speed pump uses the least amount of energy and usually filters water better than a one-speed model.

Pool Types

When choosing an above-ground or in-ground 1.5 HP pool and spa pump, keep in mind that the former are not self-priming. Most pool specialists do not recommend installing an above-ground pump on an inground pool because the pump needs to sit below the waterline so the pump stays primed with water. Therefore, you should use an in-ground pump with an in-ground pool and vice versa.

Other Pool Equipment

Many pools include a separate filtration system to remove sand from the water as it moves through the filter. There's an inventory of replacement cartridges to fit pool and sand filters as well as additional supplies like pool cleaners, chlorinator time clocks and hoses.

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