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10-Speed Bicycle Shifters

Quality 10-speed bike shifters are necessary for your safety and riding convenience. When purchasing your 10-speed shifters, you want a product that will deliver reliable shifting with powerful braking to maintain your cycling efficiency. You want them to be tough to handle all types of roads and terrains. Thankfully there is a wide range of 10-speed bicycle shifters on the market for both leisure riders and bicycling enthusiasts. Popular brands of shifters include Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo and microSHIFT. Generally speaking, the more expensive the parts, the better quality and more lightweight the product will be.

Mountain Bikes

There are two styles of shifters which mountain bike riders tend to purchase, the thumb shifters and the grip shifters. The thumb shifters comprise of two levers, one for each hand. One lever is responsible for moving the chain up through the gears, while the other moves it down. Grip shifters let you change gears by twisting the indexed grip forwards or backwards. Some of the popular brands for mountain bike 10-speed shifters are Shimano and SRAM.

Road Bikes

As people are becoming more aware of the global climate, bicycling has attracted a lot of attention as an eco-friendly form of transportation. When it comes to 10-speed shifters for road bikes, they are integrated into the brake levers for ease. This means there is no need to take your eyes off the road to change gears when on your road bike.

Racing Bikes

When selecting a 10-speed bicycle shifter for your racing bike, you need to keep ergonomics and aerodynamics at the forefront of your mind. When putting your bike together, you have to take a lot into consideration, and the shifting mechanism is no exception. Whether you want a fast and snappy shifter or one that’s light and ergonomically designed that provides precise shifts, you will be able to choose from the most technologically advanced shifters on the market today.

Touring Bike

Touring bikes often have three chainrings up front to assist with hill climbing. As the loads are heavier due to the carrying of tents, food and clothing, quality 10-speed bike shifters are an essential part of a touring bike. If your shifter doesn’t work, you only have one gear and the hills and flats that you’ll encounter while touring need a selection of gears.

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