100% Silk Quilts, Bedspreads & Doonas

100 Per Cent Silk Quilts and Bedspreads

Luxury doesn’t have to translate to having a mansion or a pool. Silk beddings and bedspreads are enough to make anyone feel like a king or queen. This is especially true when you are the proud owner of 100 per cent silk quilts and bedspreads.

Silk Bedspreads

Some people argue that high quality materials can induce a good night’s rest. If you want to experience a peaceful night of sleep, you may want to invest in silk sheets to complement your other silk bedding. All silk bedspreads come in various colours and patterns such as floral, stripes and patchwork quilt designs. They are also available in most generic bedspread sizes such as single, double, queen and king.

Silk Quilts

Full silk quilts are a huge investment, but they are worth it. Their most appealing feature is that they are more lightweight and airier than other quilts. These types of quilts are ideal for places with warm and humid weather, but they can also be a nice bed topper for any home in any climate. A great example of one that may suit your modern abode are the 100 per cent silk quilts with contemporary designs.

Other Silk Bedding Products

Apart from bedspreads and quilts, there are also 100 per cent silk pillowcases and doona covers on the market. Adding these to your bed set will create a complete look in your bedroom. You don’t have to buy the same patterns as well. It is recommended that you mix and match your bed sheets, quilts and pillowcases so that you can experiment with design and colour.

Choosing Your Quilt and Bedspread

There are no hard and fast rules in choosing the ideal quilt, but buying full silk quilts and bedspreads may just make your bedroom a whole lot more comfortable. Before you purchase your first one, make sure you know the size of your mattress. Determine how many times you will change your sheets and quilts. Prepare the proper laundry equipment for silk sheets as well. Once those are covered, you are ready to buy your first set.