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Investing in 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Thinking of investing in 1000 thread count sheets? Sometimes referred to as 1000 thread bed sheets, 1000 thread count sheets are made of finely woven fibres that are endlessly soft. With a higher thread count, the fabric is both smoother and finer, with more natural lustre than lower thread count fabrics. However, just because a certain fabric is described as having a 1000 thread count, it does not mean it offers the kind of quality most people would expect from that moniker.

There are no regulating standards regarding this, so while bedding sheets and pillow cases may say they feature 1000 thread count fabric, they may not feature the expected 1000-thread-count quality. Why? The quality of the fibres used, along with the weaving technique can greatly affect the finished product. The manufacturer may use cheaper yarn types and exaggerate the thread count by using threads consisting of multiple, inferior, yarns plied together. Which is why a cheaper, mass-produced 1000 thread count fabric out of Asia may feel inferior to an expertly woven 200 thread count sheet from Italy.

Buying 1000 Thread Count Sheets

When buying 1000 thread count sheets, it pays to use a little bit of common sense. If the sheets say they have a 1000 thread count but they are impossibly cheap, then they are probably not the best quality. For true 1000 thread count sheets, it can be a better idea to spend a bit more, to actually enjoy the softness and quality they offer. Alternatively, there is the option of choosing a lower thread count that has been expertly crafted using high quality yarn. To compare the options, simply check out eBay's extensive range of bedding sheets, available in a wide selection of colours, styles and thread counts. Don't be caught out - invest in the best!

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