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128GB Mobile Phone Memory Cards

Between all of our music, photos and apps, there just doesn't seem to be enough storage space on our mobile phones these days. Thankfully you can add extra storage space through the SD card slot that comes with most modern smartphones. Cards that can go in these slots are generally micro SD cards and have different storage capacities. Choosing a 128 GB card will ensure that you have plenty of room for all of your pics, apps and music.

MicroSD Adaptor

When you purchase a microSD card it will usually come with an adaptor. This adaptor is the size of a regular SD card. When you want to transfer files from your phone to your computer or vice versa, you place the microSD into the adaptor then put it into the SD drive that most modern laptops and computers have. You can also transfer files using a USB cable between your phone and your laptop.

What Does 128 GB Store

The exact number of photos, apps, games or music you can store on a 128 GB card will vary according to the individual size. As a guide, 128 GB could hold approximately 50,000 photos, 18,000 songs, or 5,000 apps. Of course, it all depends on the size of each file but that's a lot of storage.

Choosing a Brand

When choosing a brand of SD card for your phone, make sure to go with a reputable one. It would be such a shame for anything to go wrong with your memory card and you lose precious memories.

Smaller Sizes

If you feel that 128 GB is just too much storage and there is no point shelling out the extra cash, you can opt for a smaller size memory card. You can go for half the size of a 128 GB with a 64 GB mobile phone memory card, or even a quarter of the size with a 32 GB memory card.

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