12V 240V Fridge

Investing in a 12V 240V Fridge

12V portable fridges are perfect for camping and caravanning, allowing you to keep food and drink cool, wherever you go. Whether youre bringing your gourmet chef skills to the campfire or keeping beer and soft drinks cold on long road trips, your portable fridge makes all that possible. But what about power? 12V fridges require a battery to stay cool - and battery power only lasts as long as each battery charge, to then recharge when the vehicle is running.

12V 240V fridges can offer a handy alternative, providing dual and multi-power ability. Featuring clever built-in transformers, these fridges allow you to power them from either 12V DC or a 240V AC mains socket, with some models on eBay even taking power from 12V, 24V and 240V sources.

Benefits of 12V 240V Fridges

On a caravan site or work site, you can run a 12V 240V fridge directly from mains power, saving your DC battery power for other appliances such as fans, lights, radios or your inverter. This allows your food and drink to stay cold while your battery stays charged. Many models also feature freezers, which are great for longer camping and caravan trips, or even while out fishing.

Perhaps best of all, once youre back home, you can use a 12V 240V camping fridge at home or at work, just like a standard refrigerator. Or, use it as a regular fridge at home and you can take it with you anywhere, keeping food and drink cold with DC battery power. With this kind gadget at your side, you can turn up at any party or event with the coolest salads and meats, and of course, the coldest drinks as well.

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