All about the 12v AGM battery

What does a 12v AGM battery stand for and what does it do? The name stands for a 12 volt battery that uses Absorbent Glass Mat technology within a lead-acid battery

How does it work?

With all AGM 12v battery types, the mechanisms within the battery are complex. Lead plates are placed between fiberglass saturated electrolyte mats, which increases the efficiency when discharging and recharging. If kept in good condition, this battery can last 4-7 years. But, even then, they don’t require regular maintenance checks and don’t leak. And when it comes to weather, AGM batteries can take on any condition. With it’s endurance and stability, a 12v AGM battery is hard to beat.

Things to keep in mind

Just like any lead-acid battery, a 12v AGM battery needs strict usage and charging in order to achieve their full lifespan. Keep in mind that you want to avoid only partial charging which will damage it. But, if you’re looking for a battery that is fairly low maintenance, then a 12v AGM battery is the battery for you.