12 V DC Camping Ice Boxes and Coolers

Any successful camping trip means bringing along plenty of food. Along with camping cooking supplies such as cookware, a cooking stove and utensils, you'll need camping ice boxes and coolers. There's a selection of portable 12 V, 120 V and 230 V coolers to hold drinks, lunch supplies and other food so you're never hungry or thirsty.

12V Cool Boxes

These 12 V DC cool boxes are perfect for day trips to the beach and mountains. Also referred to as thermoelectric coolers, simple plug one into the car's 12 V lighter socket. Some models are designed to keep items cool or hot with a cooling and heating range from 15 to 60 degrees Celsius.  Use a cool box to transport fresh fruit, refrigerated drugs or mineral water. Additionally, the unit normally comes with a home adapter to use DC current and has a handy transport handle.

12V Fridges and Freezers

Many 12 V DC fridges and freezers have a storage capacity ranging from 15 to 38 L or more. Use one for a weekend getaway or an extended road trip. Models with a reversible lid allow you to use one side for 12 and 24 V hookups and the other side for 240 V applications. Furthermore, most fridge and freezer units are thermostatically controlled and constructed from a polycarbonate material so the container is lightweight. Sharp objects could damage the fridge's surface, but rubber corners protect the unit and the contents.

Other Cooling Accessories

When you're away from your vehicle and go hiking, transfer your cold items from your cool box to a cooler bag. It keeps the contents and ice cold for over 24 hours and fits on your back. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and pockets to keep a mobile phone, keys and wallet safe.