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Got one to sell?

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The modern solution for your car

Air compressors and air tools convert power into pressurised air and will have you finishing the job in half the time. The 12V air compressor is one such air compressor with easy maneuverability and efficiency. No matter the car you drive, having a 12V air compressor will be invaluable.

If you like going on long drives, the 12V air compressor will make your drive much more comfortable. Using the 12V air compressor, you will be able to check tyres pressures and where needed, inflate or deflate the tyre. Sure you can do that at any service station but if you're on a road adventure, driving through varying climates and driving on different road surfaces, you will want to change the pressure of your tyre there and then. By looking after your tyres, you will lengthen the life of the tyre and provide a safe and comfortable drive for you and your passengers. A good tyre pressure also ensures fuel economy. So many benefits from having a 12V air compressor!

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12V air compressor buying guide

As the name suggests, this air compressor requires 12V power and runs from your car battery through battery clips. Depending on the size of your tyre, you will need to find a matching air compressor. To decide on the right air compressor, two considerations that are important are the PSI (pound per square inch) produced by the 12V air compressor and the air delivery. Larger compressors will deliver greater airflow and will be quick to inflate a tyre.

Some manufacturers on eBay will highlight the tyres that a particular 12V air compressor may not be suitable for. So when checking out the range, have a read of the specifications of the 12 volt compressor.

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