Buying Guide for 13 Inch Laptop Cases

It’s important to protect your laptop whenever it is in use or being transported. A protective case can be used to carry your computer as opposed to using a traditional bag. All sorts of options exist for 13 inch models.

What is a laptop case?

A laptop case can be made of various materials. It provides a protective sleeve that hugs the laptop so that it doesn't get damaged. It can be carried as it is or slide into a computer bag or luggage when travelling for added protection. Cases can be used on a variety of models, including Macbooks, ThinkPads, ZenBooks and more.

What are some of the available materials?

You will find that a case can be made of all sorts of different materials and colours. This will impact the style, functionality, durability and how easy it is to keep clean:

  • Canvas
  • Leather or synthetic leather
  • Neoprene or rubber
  • Rigid plastic
  • Polyester

Laptop cases vary in colour and include neutrals such as white and black, as well as brighter colours and patterns for added personalisation.

What are some of the available features?

You will find that there are all sorts of different features available for a laptop case. This allows you to choose the features that are most important based on where you will go with it and how you plan to use it:

  • Waterproof: If you're near a pool, reading recipes in the kitchen or you're walking in the rain, water-resistant and spill-resistant materials can protect the laptop.
  • Pockets: Padded pockets provide added storage for items you may need like charging cables or memory cards.
  • Carry handle: Make it easy to carry the sleeve like a bag with small handles or a shoulder strap.
  • Matching bag: Have a bag that matches the sleeve for a coordinated look.
  • colours and designs: Choose solid colours, designs or images for a look that works for you.

How does a case stay closed?

Whether you buy a neoprene, leather or rubber case, consider how the covering closes in order to protect your device the best way possible. Some are only covers and don’t close. However, others have a closure in place to ensure your laptop is protected completely and doesn't fall out. Some of the available closure options are:

  • Snap: One or more snaps may be in place.
  • Zipper: A zipper may go around the entire perimeter of the sleeve.
  • Magnet: Some will close with a magnet, similar to a wallet.

What accessories can fit?

Most laptop sleeves are designed to fit the laptop only. However, some models have pockets or pouches on the outside that may fit a few different accessories that often come with laptops such as MacBooks and ThinkPads:

  • Charging cable
  • Portable mouse
  • Portable keyboard
  • Stylus