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16-Channel DVR CCTV Systems

When you're looking at home security systems, the first thought is always going to be for the CCTV cameras; but it shouldn't be the only thought. A camera alone isn't enough; you also need something to store your footage. With a 16-channel DVR CCTV system, you can record up to 16 simultaneous video feeds, more than enough for the majority of installations.

Why a DVR?

While IP cameras can record digitally to any storage device, analogue cameras require a dedicated DVR to store their video feeds. Where your home DVR can likely record only one channel at a time, security systems use pentaplex DVRs which have built-in multiplexers, enabling them to record more than one channel, or video stream at a time. While many people may find 8-channel DVR CCTV systems to be more than suitable for their needs, it's always easier and less expensive to buy a bigger DVR from the beginning than to buy a second DVR for one more camera.

Setting Up your Network

Setting up your network involves more than just saying to yourself that over the garage would be a good place for a camera. Take the time to figure out where you need coverage and plan your camera locations accordingly. Motion sensors work best when you place them about two metres above the ground and angle them slightly downwards. In addition, once you have set up your cameras, it's a good idea to give them descriptive names so you immediately know what you're looking at.

Camera Types

Manufacturers build their home CCTV systems around the cameras. While it's usually a good idea to buy as high a resolution camera as you can afford, sometimes it's more useful to buy two cameras with slightly lower resolution for more coverage. Also consider motion sensors, as well as low light and infrared cameras.


CCTV cameras need two wires to each unit. You have to run coaxial cable to the DVR and a separate cable from the mains to each camera for power. You can get Siamese cables for power and data, but that isn't always useful unless your power point is also by the DVR.

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