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Buying Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries have obviously been around for a while now. They are nothing new. But, are they worthwhile? Are they a better option than standard batteries? Battery-operated devices are everywhere. Count the number of batteries used at home. There are the various television remotes and gaming remotes, there are wireless keyboards and mouses. If there are kids at home, it's likely there are batteries in quite a few of the toys scattered around too, whether in a talking soft toy, a keyboard or a remote control car.

With batteries being used everywhere, usually every day, they need to be replaced regularly. And batteries can be pretty expensive. So, are rechargeable batteries more economical? Many people are put off by the initial cost of rechargeable batteries. They cost more to buy, plus there is the charger to shell out for as well. However, in the long run - even when taking into account the energy used to charge the rechargeables - rechargeable batteries win, by a long stretch. Add to that the fact that standard batteries produce unnecessary waste and must be disposed of correctly, and rechargeable batteries seem to wins, hands down.

Buying 18650 Batteries

What is a 18650 battery? While most consumers are used to buying batteries according to letter sizes, such as AA or AAA, some may not have heard of a 18650 battery. The same shape as a AA battery, but slightly larger (18mm by 65mm), a 18650 battery is one of the most widely produced lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and has a number of uses. It is often found in laptops and power tools, or in almost any device that needs to store energy efficiently. Looking to buy 18650 batteries? This is the place to be. Check out the awesome range of 18650 batteries on eBay, and refine the search according to amp hours, application, brand and condition.

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