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Before you buy a gold chain or fine bracelet, it is vital to consider all the important elements of your potential new piece of jewellery. These include the karat, the type of chain link, and whether or not you want solid gold. In light of this, mentioned below are some important characteristics you should focus on before buying a gold necklace.

The type of gold - plated, solid or hollow

This is one of the most fundamental questions that you are going to have to answer when shopping for a fine gold necklace. Are you looking for a gold plated necklace or solid 14k or 18k gold? To make the decision easier, you can start sifting through the huge category of 18k gold necklaces and similar products on eBay.

While plated gold necklaces are more affordable, keep in mind that they will wear off more quickly than solid gold. Moreover, the metal beneath the gold plating will also begin to show. So, you are going to have to keep the necklace polished.

However, if you want to wear a gold chain or necklace on a daily basis, it is smart to choose solid gold. It is durable and does not require as much maintenance.

Selecting the karat

When opting for a solid gold necklace, it is important to understand that pure gold is soft and is likely to be significantly less durable. So, if you intend to wear your necklace every day, forget 20k and 21k gold, and opt for 14k or 18k gold. That is because they are not 100% pure. Gold chains that are 14 or 18 karat are made with a small percentage of mixed non-gold alloys.

Selecting the link for the chain/necklace

Of course, you want something that is long lasting and will not break easily. The best options you can go for durability and flexibility are wheat chains and box chains. To accentuate the look of your necklace, you might also want to consider buying the right type of gold earrings.