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2000 to 2999 PSI Pressure Washers

While a garden hose and a lot of hard work with a brush can eventually clean up a driveway or deck, a pressure washer make an hours' long task take mere minutes. Half air pump, half garden hose, it runs on an electric or petrol engine that powers a water pump while a high-pressure hose supplies the water and shoots it out of a nozzle. You can change the spray from wide and misty to a solid jet that can potentially tear holes in wood. People use pressure washers to clean decks, concrete driveways, house cladding, making artificial rain, and a whole lot more.

Petrol Power

Petrol-powered 2000 to 2999 PSI pressure washers are portable, efficient, extremely strong, and reliable. They typically come in a trolley housing with several mounting points on which to hang the hose and water gun. The wheels are made of heavy-duty rubber to handle rough terrain, and the frames are made of an alloy to maintain rigidity while achieving lower weight. Petrol pressure washers are best for remote locations where an electric generator or power socket aren’t available. They can also vary greatly in size and power, so depending on your needs, you can find a suitable one.

Electric Power

For home use, href="">corded electric 2000 to 2999 PSI pressure washers provide convenience and efficiency without sacrificing power. They are powered by electric motors that are weaker than petrol motors but are best for light to moderate jobs like deck washing and freshening up a driveway. Many electric pressure washers achieve ratings of 2999 PSI and can clean up house cladding quickly before repainting. You can use the same washer to clean up your car by adjusting the pressure rating to a gentler level to avoid damaging the paint job. They are also far lighter and more compact than their petrol counterparts.


Pressure washers often ship with various attachments for versatility. You can use the foamer attachment that shoots out foam for car washing, for instance. Some types of brush attachments are specially designed for cleaning wheel rims or scrubbing walls and other rough surfaces. Many come with extensions to help you reach high surfaces, while others have rotating heads to make scrubbing tall surfaces easier.

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