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21 mm Watch Bands

A watch is not just a timepiece that you carry around with you. It has also become a style icon in its own right, and the right wristwatch can truly represent your personality. However, as time goes by, you might get tired of your old watch. Luckily, this does not mean that you need a new watch altogether. Simply replacing the strap helps to rejuvenate its looks, giving you a feeling that you own something new. The 21 mm watch bands are some of the most popular options available and fit most watches, so you could easily find yours among the selection.


You need to be sure that you truly need a 21 mm watch band by measuring your watch. Grab a ruler that has metric measurements, because watch bands size are in millimetres, and converting from inches loses some of the precision. Measure the space between the lugs on the watch, as the band needs to fit between these. For a 21 mm band, the measurement should be an even 21 mm. However, you may need a narrower or wider band, such as the 20 mm watch band or the 22 mm watch band.


When choosing the right watch band style, you need to consider your personal style and the watch design. Dress watches that you would normally wear with formal clothes pair best with classic leather straps, while distressed leather might be the right choice for vintage watches. The rugged NATO straps are best friends with military watches, while rubber bands look perfect on sports watches. Of course, if you have a rather neutral-looking watch, you could have several different kinds of watch bands to change them depending on your current mood.


The colour of the watch band largely depends on its material. Metal bands are typically silver, but they could also include a gold finish or even some gorgeous Swarovski crystals. Leather straps are either classic brown or black, but some are fun and colourful. Leather straps also feature stitchings, and you could try and match the stitching colour with that of the dials. Rubber and silicone straps provide the most variety, and you can really play around with the colours, while canvas straps are maybe a bit more understated in terms of style.

Clasps and Buckles

The fastening on the watch band determines how easy it is to put the watch on or remove it, so you do want this to be convenient. Next, you should match the watch finish with the buckle finish if you want the final result to look great. A brushed, finished watch case looks best with equal buckle, although you could create a contrast with a polished one. If you have a thinner watch case, choose a smaller buckle that does not look too bulky on your classy watch.

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