Let Your Children Have Fun on a 24-Inch Wheel Bike

When you let your children go bike riding, you're giving them freedom and boosting their taste for adventure while encouraging healthy exercise habits. Depending on the height of your child, a 24-inch-wheel bike may be the right fit. eBay has a wide array of new and used 24-inch-wheel bikes for sale.

What types of tyres should you look for?

This answer depends on the type of riding you think your son or daughter will do. Beginners and those who aren't incredibly steady on two wheels do better with wider mountain bike tyres since they provide more stability. They have good traction and offer nice cushioning. If the rider is getting pretty agile on a bicycle, consider getting a 24-inch-wheel road bike. Road bikes have narrow tyres that can more easily achieve high speeds.

Do you need gears on 24-inch bikes?

In this 24-inch-wheel bike category, you'll see both single-speed bikes and those with different gears. Having multiple gears makes it easier to pedal up hills and get started, and it allows the rider to achieve relatively higher speeds on flats and downhills. If you get a single-speed bike for your child, it will keep things simple. If you plan on having your child use the bike on flat surfaces, this would be fine, and it can mean that you'll get to select from a number of cheap 24-inch-wheel bikes.

Other features of 24-inch-wheel bikes

As you look through the new and second-hand 24-inch-wheel bikes, you'll see a range of products. At the basic level, you'll want the frame to be sturdy, and you'll want to have reliable brakes. When you look at higher-end bikes, you may also want to look for:

  • Suspension: You can get a bike with just front suspension, which would be called a hardtail, or a bike with full suspension if you'd like to cushion the ride. Suspension is commonly found on mountain bikes.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars: 24-inch-wheel bikes fit children of multiple heights, but you can fine-tune the fit by using an adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • Disc brakes: These do well on off-road adventures since they're less likely to accumulate dirt and grime that could otherwise affect their performance. Disc brakes are known to be precise and powerful, even in wet conditions.
  • Low standover: Children are frequently getting on and off their bikes, and having a low standover can give them more clearance when doing so.