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Using Air Compressors at Home

Air compressors can have any number of uses around the home, especially for those interested in DIY. Of course, air compressors can be used to top off air in tyres, or to inflate air mattresses and basketballs. But, air compressors are also commonly used to power tools. These air tools - also known as air-powered tools - come in all shapes and sizes, for all tasks around the house. Using an air compressor, these air tools can include nail guns and staplers, drills and screwdrivers, cutting tools and sanders, polishers and paint sprayers.

What are the benefits of using air tools? As they have a centralised power source (the air compressor), air tools can cost less than standalone electric tools. This can also increase reliability, as there is a single centralised motor, instead of the separate motors found in each tool. Air tools can also generate more force than standard tools, and because they are modular, when the air compressor is upgraded, each tool will reap the benefit, experiencing additional torque, speed or runtime.

Buying an Air Compressor

Buying an air compressor is made easy with eBay. With a wide range of air compressors on offer, choosing the right one for the job is simply a matter of looking. Check out the range of options to find the air compressor that offers the voltage required - for example, a 240V air compressor for anyone looking for an air compressor with a voltage of 240V, or a 400V air compressor for anyone needing a bit more power. Refine the search by brand to find the most reliable option, and consider saving some money by buying used. And of course, if price is important, set the price range to find the air compressor that fits the budget.